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Man card

Regrettably, I have reached a milestone in my life. I am to the point where I might need to turn in my man card.

I have mentioned before, I have four brothers, two older and two younger. Every one of my brother’s is/was involved in the concrete business. They build sidewalks, building foundations, roads and things like that. They followed in the footsteps of my father, who also was in the concrete business. You might say that concrete has been very good for my family. At least, financially.

It hasn’t been all that great, as far as their bodies are concerned. One of my younger brothers has had three hip replacements (one hip replaced twice). My older brothers are waiting for shoulder and knee replacements. All those years of working in the concrete business has taken its toll. It was however, manly! (OK, sometimes I feel my advanced age)

I worked one summer in the concrete business. Working FOR an older brother as a teenager was enough to send me in another direction. I didn’t realize at the time that my chosen path would eventually lead to working for my wife (and daughter) in a yarn store.

My brothers couldn’t tell alpaca yarn from sheep yarn. They are men. Me, I know a lot about yarn. They watched the Super Bowl. I went to the store where I sat with 10(+) women avoiding the Super Bowl. My brothers lift heavy things. I package wine glasses. Ok, my oldest brother is retired from the concrete business. He bought a delivery route and delivers his goods to regional grocery stores. His goods? Yep, he delivers cookies. When I give up my man card I will ask for his!

The weird thing about me working for the women, I am having a blast!

Our crazy lives!


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