Smart, but not very strong

A little over sixty days ago I bought a new cell phone. I bought all the accessories. I even bought a silicone case.

The salesman convinced me this very thin silicone plastic case is the best protection for these new "Smart" phones. And, it only cost $15.

These "smart" phones are amazing. Mine gives me the correct time in several cities in Africa. I don't know why it won't give me the time here in Colorado. I think it gives me African time to keep me smart. If you take African time and add about nine hours you get Colorado time. It hones your math skills. Or I can give the phone to Ivy and she can change it to Colorado time, I just wish it would stay there.

I don't really use the phone to tell time, I have the front of the car radio for that. I use the phone for phoning. People now "text" with there phones. I've tried it myself. I tried to send a text last week, every time I put my finger on the keyboard the "smart" phone put every letter in the alphabet, but the one I wanted on the screen.

Me: Hey Ivy, send this text for me. Ivy: Hand me your phone. What did you do to this thing? Me: Just give it back, I'm going to take it back.

By the time I got to the store the screen was reading, Jan. 5th, 2005. I was pretty sure something was wrong. In the half hour I was waiting for tech support the phone returned to the correct date and time.

The twelve year old (just guessing) technical support dude told me it was most likely a server problem. "What the hell is that?" He told me to take the phone and everything should be alright.

I happily was on my way. Arriving home in my driveway, I opened the door of my truck and dropped my phone. I dropped it right on my silicone case. I watched the screen shatter. When I picked the phone up beneath the shattered screen I noticed the date was Jan. 5th, 2005.

I don't think this phone was all that smart, and I know it is not very durable.

Our crazy lives!


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