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22 Doctors

It has been a stressful week. I'm really happy Spring Break is here. I seem to remember A Spring Break last month, but the twins are not in school Friday through Monday, so maybe this is Spring Break II.

The twins have been really stressed lately at school. This is the time of year they take all the important tests. These tests are so important they don't have names, only initials. The school sends home notes telling parents to have their kids be in school on time and please make sure they get plenty of sleep. I'm stressed just writing about it. It is a good thing they have some time off.

My construction life was pretty stressful. A buddy of mine asked if I would like to help him remodel a physician's office. This group of 22 doctors wants to move a few walls and build a new reception desk in their waiting room.

My buddy and I have a mutual friend whose wife is the business manager for the doctors. That is how we found out about the project. My friend and I prepared a bid that was accepted by the business manager on behalf of the doctors. We were going to start the project after the doctors obtained their building permit.

My partner/friend informed me the doctors felt it was our responsibility to pay for the building permit. Since the permit was almost $700 dollars, and we had not included it in our bid I lost interest in the project.. The doctor's business manager asked us to reconsider.

Me: Kerry (my partner) and I really don't have any interest in paying almost $350 each to pay for YOUR building permit. I would think you could get less than $30 each from 22 doctors, and we could get started. Business Manager: Dr. K^&* is the managing partner. He doesn't think he should have to pay. Some of the other doctors are willing to pay for the permit. Me: Sounds good, get them to write the check. BusMan: Dr. K^&* told me to tell you, he thinks he will write the check when the job is done. Me: He thinks? BusMan: Dr K^&* told me to tell you, when he was in med school, he worked as a carpenter. He built HUNDREDS of houses while he was in med school.

After hearing that, I was thinking that the doctor must have really been struggling in med school. It takes a long time to build one house. If he built HUNDREDS, he was in med school for a really long time.

That's what I was thinking. Unfortunately, that isn't what I said. I told the business manager to tell the doctor, "When I was in med school, I quit to become a carpenter because I didn't want to look at naked old men all day.

I think my temper might have got the best of me. I might have lost a little credibility with that one. Gosh, I've never even been to med school.

That was about the time I noticed tears rolling out from beneath the business manager's sunglasses. There's not supposed to be crying in construction.

Me: Kerry: Let's go build this thing, Dr. K^&* thinks he is going to pay us.

Our crazy lives!


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