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Let’s move to July and Wild Fires

This month is a little over one week old and I’m ready to start another one. This month is off to a bad start.

June is supposed to be a great month. Ivy’s birthday is in June. Summer begins in June. There is more time in daylight to be outdoors in June. All things considered, I’m ready for July.

Last Friday, (June 1st) I sat down to write a story. I logged on to the admin pages of our website to post a story. The admin page was gone. As I have done with every computer problem I have had, I called Elaine.

Me: I can’t post a story, the admin page is gone.

Elaine: What did you do?

Me: I did what I always do, it’s gone.

Elaine: Call the web guy.

Me: What is he going to say that I am going to understand?

I checked emails and as luck would have it, we had an email from the web guy. He informed us he had switched web providers. He would get with us in the next week and show us how all the new stuff works.

Now that I can understand, and it didn’t really make me happy.

Me: I need to post a story.

Web guy: We can meet Monday and I will show you how.

Me: Monday is too late.

Web guy: Send me the story and I will post it for you.

Me: I haven’t written it yet.

Web Guy: Huh?

Me: I was going to write something, and then I found out someone changed everything.

I wrote about a bear and emailed it to him. I think he posted it on Monday.

Elaine and I met with him Monday during the noon hour. He told me I needed to type here, then click here. Move the cursor here, click and then everything should work. I got so dizzy, I left the room. Elaine understands all that clickin’ stuff and she can teach me later.

After the meeting I was taking Elaine back to work. She needed to draw another powerline. My brother phoned me while Elaine and I were still in the car.

Bro: Do you know where Boxer Ranch is?

Me: Yeah, it’s about a mile and a half from our house.

Bro: Channel 7 is reporting there is a wildfire there.

Me: Not good, if that is true, I need to go.

Elaine started calling our stay at home neighbors. There were some conflicting reports as to where the fire was. In the meantime, one of our neighbors called the store and told Ivy the fire was indeed at Boxer Ranch. He suggested it might be a good idea if we get home.

Ivy closed the store, Elaine put the powerline stuff on hold and we headed home. Turning onto our road we were met by firefighters and sheriff deputies. They told us exactly where the fire was and we should get ready for the possibility of mandatory evacuation.

Some of our neighbors had already started moving their livestock. The county announced that livestock could be taken to the county fairgrounds. I remembered there was an unused livestock corral a couple miles farther up the mountain. We decided to gamble and move the animals there.

Someone forgot to tell the animals they were in a little bit of danger. Maybe the animals just didn’t believe it. The llamas weren’t really happy about leaving they pasture and getting in the trailer. Franks, our bull yak, decided he was going to stay home.

I told Franks that this was not the kind of barbeque he wanted to attend. After about an hour of herding and coaxing, Ok, I even swatted him on the butt, he jumped in the trailer. It was well after dark before all of the animals were moved and safe, farther up the mountain.

Ivy and a couple of friends, who happened to be staying with her, emptied the house of valuables and heirlooms. It is really weird deciding what you need and what can be left behind, knowing what stays behind could be destroyed.

In the dark we could see the flames clearly through the smoke. The wind was blowing the fire directly at us. With everything packed, we waited for law enforcement to evacuate. The fire burned up to a rock outcropping and got held up. That was the break we and the firefighters needed. The fire simply ran out of fuel and the firefighters prevented the fire from going around the rocks.

Elaine and several neighbors were interviewed by television station. Elaine was really happy they didn’t want to interview me. I haven’t shaved since September and she doesn’t think I’m looking like the television type.

Obviously, we survived. We want to thank the firefighters and law enforcement. Even the sheriff deputy, who was maintaining the roadblock, preventing non-residents from driving up our road interfering with firefighters.

This guy was asleep in his car; head tilted back, mouth wide open asleep. Elaine and I drove up to ask him where to go for information, but he was too tired to answer. I didn’t want to tap on his window, and startle him; after all, he was armed. I don’t know why that amused me, but it does.

Before the fire we were preparing for the Estes Park Wool Market. Elaine and Ivy left me in charge of the store again. The last time they left me alone here, I fell asleep. I don’t know what I need to do to get fired around here. They are out on a mini-vacation; I’m stuck in the store.

Do you see why June is not working out for me?

With the wildfire and the Estes Park Wool Market, Elaine hasn’t had the time (or desire) to teach me where I need to click. We will get it handled, but it might take some time.

Our crazy lives!


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