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It’s a Miracle

Other than this wildfire thing, I am enjoying the summer. I have been spending a few days at home with the twins and I get to spend time in the store meeting new customer which is always great.

Some how in the middle of this drought, we are growing the best garden we have ever had.

I know exactly why our garden is doing well, we are actually watering it. Usually by now, we have quit watering the garden. Not because it didn’t need water, but because the thrill of watering the garden has run its course.

A typical conversation in previous summers would go like this,

Me: Did we remember to water the garden? Anyone: Nah, I’ll get it tomorrow. Anyone: Oh crap, the garden is dead, we should have watered it!

Wait! This isn’t a story about a garden, this is a story about an egg. A big white egg.

It does begin in the garden. I was standing in the garden and Girl Twin walked up with her hands behind her back.

Girl Twin: Guess what I found in the chicken coop? Me: A dead chicken? Girl Twin: (moving her hands where I could see them) An egg! Me: I saw you come out of the house, and that egg is white, our chickens lay colored eggs. Girl Twin: I’m going to leave the egg in the chicken coop so Buddy (Ivy) will find it. Me: Ok, but the egg is white. Girl Twin: We can tell her it’s a miracle!

I think she is ready to start writing a blog.

Ivy found the egg, she didn’t fall for it. She reached in the coop and pulled out the egg. She held it up for all to see. Grandma was so happy! We had our first egg. Did I mention Elaine was born in the city? She was really sad when I suggested Girl Twin put it in the fridge.

BUT I’m getting a little scared. Ivy is talking about horses. Every time Ivy talks about an animal, I end up feeding something.

Our crazy lives!


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