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Double Nickels plus one.

Today is my birthday.

Elaine and the kids always make a big deal for my birthdays. Actually, the gift giving started last night. Yep, I gave Elaine a brand new battery-operated weed eater. I know, it was my birthday, but when she asked for a weed eater I got all caught up in the emotion and picked one up for her.

Before she could use her new weed eater, Boy Twin said “Grandma, can I use it first?” When the battery was almost dead Boy Twin let his Grandma use her new birthday weed eater. They recharged the battery and Boy Twin went outside for another turn. He was still weed eating when it was dark outside and the coyotes were howling.

When Emma (our oldest Pyrenees) heard the coyote howl, she decided it would be a good time to run the coyote off our property. She took off across the pasture with Walter (Great Dane mix) behind her. Boy Twin was able to throw down the weed eater and cut off the dogs before they could get to the coyote. In the process, he dropped his safety glasses.

Boy Twin just can’t quit when he’s enjoying his work. He spent the next half hour with a flashlight, looking for his safety glasses in the pasture. Imagine his surprise, even though he found his safety glasses, we would not allow him to weed eat in the dark. After all, it was not his fault he needed to chase the dogs!

Boy Twin was up at first light and the first words from his mouth; “It’s time to weed eat!”. The weed eater will be worn out, out of string or broken before Grandma gets to use it.

Elaine wished me Happy Birthday and told me the family was taking me out to dinner after the store closed for the day. I mentioned how much fun it would be to have dinner at home on the deck. I guess I changed their plans, but no one seemed upset.

I’m hoping to get some tools for my birthday. I’m going to need them to fix a weed eater. I could use some new glasses, also. I don’t see as well as I once did.

Our crazy lives!


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