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Website and 13th

You might want to get a beverage, we have a couple things to talk about.

You might have noticed that recently our website is “green”. Not “Save the Earth” green, but the color “green”. It would be great if it were “Save the Earth” green, but I would have no idea how to do that with our website.

This is the story of how to get a green website.

Ivy designed and produced a few items, I am proud to say, have sold very well online through our website. She has sold and shipped items across the United States. Our website turned green when she was asked to send a couple of our wine glasses to Finland and a couple boxes to Australia. It didn’t turn green right away, but it is sure green now.

We received a couple emails informing us that our website was not set up to take care of international orders. That seemed easy enough to fix; call the web designer.

Elaine met our web designer a few years ago. He is a nice kid, really talented.

I get the impression he was interested in computers and very artistic. He was able to turn his interests and talent into a nice career. I think he was most likely good at sports. Not the kind of sports where you run and stuff like that. He most likely played sports where you sit on the couch and hit “home runs” by pressing “A” with your thumb. He kept himself thin by forgetting to eat while he was on a winning streak.

When he met Elaine, he told her he wanted to start a web design business so he would have to work after the business was established. (this will become very important later in the story) Elaine laughed.

We asked the kid to add international sales. After about a hundred emails and phone calls he informed us we needed to change web servers. (I kind of know what that means, but not really) He/we changed servers and things were great, although we were not green.

I noticed we were not getting ANY online orders. We weren’t getting emails through the website, equally unusual. It bothered me, but I was way too busy to worry about the website. It is hard being the boss of a yarn store. And tiring, too.

A friend/customer walked into the store and mentioned, “Hey, your website hasn’t been working for awhile, what’s up?” Of course, this was a big surprise to us. This is the time when it is important to remember our web designer told Elaine he didn’t want to work when his business was established.

This friend showed us what was going on. She along with her husband have a bunch of website experience and offered to clean up our site. our website is still not green, but the changes are coming.

I realized that this might be the reason we have not had any online orders. Now you understand why I’m the boss. I am borderline brilliant. I had to postpone boss/nap time and get in touch with our web designer.

We started our changes immediately. (still not green) We were informed we did not own our domain name. Our little baseball playing web designer did. I don’t know what that means, but I know I don’t like it.

After reminding baseball boy how much potential business we lost while he had the website messed up, he agreed to give me the domain name. I still don’t know what he gave me, but I’ll be darned if I don’t have it.

Anyway, our friend and her husband have been working on “fixing/rebuilding/crating our new website. Now it is green. I guess it is temporary. They didn’t tell me why it is green. They tell me, “Just go take a nap and leave us alone!”

OK, that’s enough of that crap. Do you guys remember where you were August 13, 1977? I’ll give you a hint, it was a Saturday.

I remember where I was. I married the love of my life that day. Thirty-five years later we are still together. I’m the luckiest man in the world. Elaine? I’m not sure she fared as well. She is still with me. I can’t guess why. Thirty-five years ago, I was clean-shaven with brown hair, and young!

Elaine, I love you. (if you read this)

If you were one of the three hundred people at the wedding, thanks. If you weren’t there, you missed a good one. . We had a wedding reception at the American Legion that is still talked about. Elaine wants to do it again someday. I’m just not sure I’ll be invited. Aug 13, 1977 was the beginning of:

Our crazy lives!


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