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Can you see what the dogs are barking at?

Sometimes I think I have an angel. More than once in this crazy life, I have used the words, “Man, that was close.”

When my first batch of kids were young, I used my carpentry skill and built some bedroom furniture. I put the bed on top of a chest of drawers and they were able to play under the bed. I’m sure you have seen similar beds. Money was tight and I could build it for a lot less than I could buy it for.

Over the years we have talked about the bed and somehow the twins thought I should make beds for them. I guess it is only fair. I have been working on their beds for about a month. (Yes, you are absolutely right, I have not been working very hard; Hey, someone has to run the store. And I have the coffee cup with “Boss” written on it.) Sorry, I’m a little defensive. The twins are asking if the beds are going to be done soon.

I decided to stay home today and work on the beds. (no, Elaine didn’t tell me to stay home and work on the beds, she just said, “wouldn’t it be nice if I stayed home and worked on the beds.” She realizes what I need to do for the store.)

Elaine works at home on Fridays designing powerlines. (Yes, that is why she is grumpy on friday.) I was sanding the bedframe pieces while she was drawing powerlines on her computer.

After a couple hours of sanding, the sanding belt broke and I went into the house to replace it. Elaine was sitting at her loom working on her next masterpiece. I thought she was working on powerlines, but she had me fooled. (She finished all the powerlines)

We have a dog pen on the north side of our house that we leave the dogs in when we are not home. The dogs have shade and room to wrestle all day. Elaine had put three of the dogs in the pen while she was pretending to work.

When I came into the house Elaine asked, “Can you see what the dogs are barking at”? (See title) As I got closer to the door , it became apparent the dogs were seriously barking. With the windows open, as I got to the door I heard a weird buzzing noise. I open the door to find Walter (Great Dane), Lizzie (Great Pyrenees). and Emma (Great Pyrenees) in a semi-circle with the biggest rattlesnake I have seen in years in he middle of the circle.

I freaked. I was able to call Walter and Emma off. Lizzie was not giving up. I screamed for help from Elaine. Elaine helped me get Lizzie to stop thinking this was a game. With all dogs removed from the action, Elaine went for a gun.

Remember when we needed to evacuate our home because of the wildfires? Ivy packed all of our ammunition. With Ivy not home, Elaine and I had no idea where Ivy put the ammunition. Elaine found a gun and matching ammunition. (Yes, I have more than one. OK, I have more than two.) Unfortunately, it is a gun that is least likely to hit a moving snake.

The snake was in some grass and weeds next to the fence. Elaine wanted to shoot the snake. She fired at the snake. The snake didn’t move. She handed the gun to me and told me to shoot it. I fired, the snake uncurled and headed back under the fence. I ran around the fence to meet him on the other side. We can’t let him get away.

I found the snake in the grass, still rattling, with two bullet holes in him. The snake head is buried in the pasture. Birds will find the body tommorow.

Angels? Those dogs are alone in that pen all day 5 days a week. They were smart enough to stay away and not get bit. Someone was watching them.

Anyway, thank you Angel. Thank you for allowing me to use a cup other than the “Boss” mug. (It was dirty, anyway) Thanks for breaking my sanding belt. Thanks for keeping the dogs back, when they were really fired up and wanted to get the snake. Thanks for Elaine asking me to check the dogs. And thanks for finding a couple bullets. By the way, I know who you are.

Our crazy lives!


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