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Taos or Pie, How do You Choose?

One of the great dilemmas of having children in elementary school is the choices we are forced to make as parents.

Three of the past five years Elaine and I have made the decision to remove the twins from school for a couple days during the fall and have them accompany us to the Taos Wool Festival. Academically, this is not a problem for the twins, as they are good students and can quickly make up the work. Socially, this has not always pleased the twins.

The twins have difficulty leaving their friends during the school year. Adding to the disappointment is that the annual school fundraiser is scheduled for exactly the same time as the wool festival.

One of the last five years, Elaine and I allowed the twins to stay with a schoolmate and their parents so they would be able to attend the pie auction. I really don’t believe the auction is as important to the twins as being able to see their friends at a function that is not school. Last year, scheduling for the Wool Show allowed us to attend the pie auction. (I think I wrote a story about it.)

As I remember, pies last year sold for more than $150. Sadly, I am here to report inflation has hit the Livermore Elementary School Pie Auction. Keep in mind I did not attend the pie auction, so what I am about to report is hearsay, albeit it came from a reliable source. If you wanted or needed to buy a pie from the auction you need to bring more than $150.

The rate of inflation of Livermore pies may be the highest inflation rate on the planet. Yep, the highest price paid for pie was $600. For ONE 8″ diameter pie. I will never complain about the price of gas again. I will only grumble about the price of pie.

OK, I admit it, I like pie. I really like pie. If this is what they cost, don’t ask me for any. I’m eating the whole darn thing and I'm not sharing!

However, I can feed my entire family in Taos for $600 for days. Can you see why the decision can be hard?

I’m pretty certain Elaine will make me go to Taos next year, especially if she finds out how much pies cost.

Our crazy lives!


PS The school raised $7600. Not bad for a school with 33 kids. Good job guys!

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