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Buy One, Get One Free…….before 9:00

Our home is quite aways from our store. It gets a little pricey to drive to town to work in the store. When we bought our place gasoline was less than $2.00/gal. To make things even nicer for us, I was working as a project manager for a very large construction company. One of my benefits was a company truck along with a gas card. Things were pretty good.

I am bringing this up to share a story with you.

Elaine was discussing gas prices with an in-town friend. Elaine mentioned how much money we spend on gas each month. Her friend didn’t seem to sympathetic. Her friend responded, “Well, look how far you live from your work! What do you want?” Elaine was too nice to answer, “Well, gasoline under $2.00/gal for starters!”

Ok, now I’m going to get to the story. To compensate for gas prices, Ivy and I ride together when possible. It is actually quite nice. Ivy stays awake at least 50% of the time. This is actually quite an improvement for her. Previously she was asleep 100% of the time. I had to slide off the road and through a couple fences to keep her awake on our morning drives. Occasionally, she falls asleep while I drive, but it is an uneasy sleep.

We have gotten in a habit of stopping in the morning at a local sandwich shop for breakfast. It’s the shop named after a method of public transportation that quite frankly, is not very pleasant. This shop has made October, Buy One-Get One month for a couple of specific sandwiches. Of course, you need take advantage of this offer before 9:00 AM. Ivy and I have taken advantage of this offer more than a few times this month. (Remember gas prices.)

Tuesday morning, Ivy and I decided we would stop for coffee with my 85 year old uncle before stopping at the sandwich shop. We arrived at the sandwich shop at 9:15. Ivy and I ordered off the BOGO menu. At the cash register, we were informed it was too late in the day to receive the special pricing. Imagine my dismay, paying full price for the sandwich and $4.00/gal for diesel.

Friday morning, Ivy and I, again, stopped for coffee with my uncle. We were late getting to the sandwich shop. Ivy and I laughingly discussed that there would be no reason to order the BOGO sandwich. Standing at the order counter, we noticed the sandwich preparer was already preparing our sandwiches. She gleefully announced, “When I saw you guys coming in, I started your sandwiches, you guys always get the same thing! Too bad you are too late to get the special price!” Dumbfounded, Ivy and I looked at each other and laughed. It’s a good thing fuel prices came down last week.

Our crazy lives!


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