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Christmas and the Queen

Regardless of what you have heard, we don’t have “white” Christmas’ on the northern front range of Colorado, except for last night. I honestly can’t remember the last time it snowed on Christmas or Christmas Eve. But who could enjoy it?

Elaine brought home a bad case of the flu. At her electrical engineering job one of her associates has been coughing for the last three weeks. She refused to go home. It seems she didn’t want to get her children sick. It got so bad people went to the owners of the company to force her to go home.

Well, she didn’t go home. Of course Elaine did, after she started coughing. When you sleep with someone and they have the flu, there is a pretty good chance you will get the flu also.

Yes, I feel like (construction language). We had plans to take the twins ice skating on Christmas Eve at a resort a little farther into the mountains. It didn’t happen. The twin are out of school for almost three weeks; we will go ice skating.

The twins and Ivy watched Christmas movies, while Elaine and I enjoyed a Ny-Quil induced coma. Well, I would have enjoyed it. if it hadn’t been for the coughing. You know, the coughs that hurt all the way to your feet, and doesn’t accomplish a thing.

Boy Twin and I shared a special moment this week. I walked past him as he was wrapped up in a television show.

Me: What are you watching? Boy Twin: The Queen is going to have a baby! Me: Which Queen? Boy Twin: I think she lives in England. Me: I don’t think it is the Queen, she is in her eighties. I think it is a princess. Boy Twin: Do you want to watch it with me? Me: What the heck, I watched the wedding, I might as well watch them having a baby.

The girls in the house didn’t watch with us, they were watching Ax/Men.

Turns out they aren’t having a baby yet. The Princess is pregnant. We saw the hospital room where the baby will be born. We were informed of possible names of the baby should it be a boy. Boy Twin and I know that it took this princess longer to become pregnant than all princess’ before her. (Gosh, I hope there aren’t problems.) I would share more of what we watched, but they may rerun the show and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. We asked the females to watch with us, they said they weren’t interested.

Merry Christmas, this is the time of year to do something nice for someone. People are hurting out there, hug them. Help them.

Our crazy lives!


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