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We Need More Snow

Two mornings this week we have awaken to snow. Big deal, you live in the mountains of Colorado, you say!

The truth is, it is a big deal; we have had snow four times this winter. Not the 2-3 feet deep snows you are thinking about, you have to go to the east coast for them. We get 2-3 inch snows. If you are hoping to have my measurements described in metric units, you will need to convert them yourself. Or you could just trust me, 2-3 inches is not very much.

People are already discussing the upcoming season of fires this spring and summer. Just like last year, the area is ripe for fire.

I will quickly describe how wildfires work here. If you were flying over the area, the landscape would look like a chess board. If a chess board had three colors. (Sorry, I might need more coffee.) The first thing you would see are areas of green trees. Then you will notice areas of black trees that have already burned. Lastly, you will see terracotta colored trees that have been killed by the “pine beetles”.

Not even Elaine can find beauty in terracotta colored trees. As I have mentioned before, Elaine loves terracotta. If she could find yarn the color of those trees, she would go into her studio, start a project and smile until she ran out of yarn. (Sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong. I can’t stay focused.)

Well, these are stories about a yarn store and its owners. I do need to talk about yarn. (Sorry, I’m drifting again.)

We have the potential for wildfires in the exact same areas we had them last year. We would love some of the deep snows that have been happening east of here. We are happy about every little bit of snow we can get.

I’m going to change gears now and tell a story about a friend.

Rick and I met in junior high. We are the best of friends. He was the best man at our wedding. I was best man at his wedding. Just the first one. Elaine and I attended his second wedding. I don’t know how many weddings I have missed, but let’s say it is more than one. Rick called me Wednesday.

Rick: I’m having a rough week. Me: Yeah, me too. I need to dye this yarn, look at a landscape job…….. Rick: I got laid off Monday. (He worked as a quality control inspector for a company that builds those big wind turbines.) Me: You hated that job. Now you can do what you want to do. Rick: I needed the health insurance for the kids. (He has young ones, also.) Me: That’s not good, what are you going to do? Rick: My brother died. Me: Yeah, you told me that last week. Rick: No, my little brother, Tim. He died yesterday.

Rick lost two brothers, a job and a lot of hope in a little over two weeks.

If you read this crap and it makes you laugh, thank you. If you are healthy and happy, thank God. Someone is having a rough week.

Our crazy lives!


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