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The Stories Never End

My return to my construction life is now one week old. I found it was just like riding a bike. It didn’t matter how long it was since I had done it, I still remember how to do it.

There were times during the week that I also remembered why I left construction. I could be wrong, but I can’t help but think that I was a better carpenter than we have today. (I’m not wrong but, I don’t want you to think I have an ego problem.) (OK, I do have an ego problem, but people tell me I’m getting better.)

Construction WORKERS of today have not realized they should be playing construction and not working in construction. Today, money is the first concern. Getting their portion of the project done and get paid has become first priority. Quality doesn’t even rate as a concern. Just my opinion folks, but it comes from a highly experienced source. (There goes that ego again!)

I think I can explain my thoughts. I have been involved in construction for a week and I have no idea what (or if) I am being paid. I did receive a text message (which I didn’t read for two days) from my employer informing me he paid my predecessor by letting him charge beer on his company credit card.

I drink about one beer a month. I don’t think I’m getting paid much. Elaine might not be quite as happy. Well, she shouldn’t have been quite so happy when I shaved my beard. Karma!

One of my first responsibilities was to finish a house that was to be moved into by first time homeowners in four days. At first look, I would have guessed we would need three weeks to finish the house. I know, you think I stepped in and saved the day. If you thought that, you would be wrong. What I did do, was get the house to a spot where the homeowners could move in and we will finish the house with them living in it.

My agreement with the homeowners will allow me to touch-up painting, reinstall the patio door, repair holes in the drywall. (Holes in drywall? The electricians could not find a couple light switches because they were covered by drywall. They drilled holes in the wall until they found the switches. Yep, that’s todays’ quality.)

Do you want to know the best part? The homeowners biggest concern was how I was going to keep the cats inside the house when we were reinstalling the patio door. I will have completed another item on my construction bucket list; babysitting cats!

I have babysat on construction sites before. While remodeling and enlarging (while occupied) the home of a husband/wife architectural team, I was asked to watch their kids while they went shopping. The husband telephoned me while we were installing the new roof rafters, “Hey Monner, (he didn’t really call me that) there is a canvas bag in the master bedroom closet full of dirty laundry. Can you get it and set it on the porch for the dry cleaners?” I checked one off the bucket list that day!

That story has nothing to do with my return to construction. I just cannot remain focused when I type.

Anyway, Boy Twin and I were in my new company vehicle when he noticed I had a new company issued “smart” phone. Boy Twin has a need to check out everything technological. He was playing with the phone.

Boy Twin: Hey Monner, I know why they had to fire the guy you replaced. Me: Why is that? Boy Twin: He has Angry Birds on this phone. Me: You might be right, maybe he played games when he should have been taking care of the houses. Boy Twin: Monner……he wasn’t very good at playing games either, I just beat his HIGH SCORE!

Our crazy lives!


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