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Experience vs. Education

If you have read my stories you must know I have lived/live a double life. You might have guessed that I might be a little more experienced in my construction life than I am in my yarn life. I have actually earned a PhD in construction from the University of Hard Knocks. (OK, I fibbed about that but, I have built buildings on university campuses. Several of them. When I say I built them, I didn’t do it by myself. I was the guy who reads the blueprints, told the workers what to do and when to do it. Then I told the building owners the building was going to cost more because there is a problem with engineering, the workers did it wrong and it took to long to build. Is my story drifting here? I think this story took a turn somewhere.)

I have not graduated from the University of Yarn. I think I might need to drop out. Frankly, my lack of knitting knowledge is embarrassing. I know some of you might be surprised that I am not an accomplished knitter. The truth is, my knitting skills have been surpassed by Girl Twin, Boy Twin, Elaine (of course) and Ivy, especially Ivy.

Customers are beginning to notice that Ivy is the one to ask for knitting help. (OK, the new customers are beginning to notice, the long time customers stopped coming to me long ago.) I still get to answer questions. Questions like, “Is Ivy here?” or “How about Elaine?” or “Do you have a restroom?” or “Do you think you can wind this yarn?”

Ivy wasn’t always the go-to girl. It has taken her a while to earn the respect of the knitting world. It was hard for some knitters to think a knitter in her twenties could be as knowledgeable as she is. I suggested Ivy get here Master Knitting Certificate. (I didn’t really know what that is and had to have Elaine explain it to me. Actually Elaine thought it might be a good idea, but Elaine is not typing this story and I am taking credit for the idea.) It seems there is some kind of Knitting Association has judges knitters skills and issues certificates that prove you are capable of knitting the various knitting stitches.

(This is where I am unable to help in the store. I didn’t know there were VARIOUS knitting stitches. Customers come into the store and ask, “Is this seed stitch?” I would quickly reply, I’m sorry, I’m working on this highly important computer work, may I direct you to Ivy?” Works every time………..I think I might be drifting again, you see, I have a problem staying out of these stories.)

Ivy has been to the University of Hard Knitting Knocks. Ivy and Elaine discussed what getting a Master Knitter Certificate would involve and agreed it would be easily attainable for Ivy. She has the skills. I suggested Elaine might want to get a certificate also. This idea was met with the same standing most of my ideas achieve for the store. Elaine reminded me that she has a full time job in electrical engineering, runs a household, teaches in the store, sells yarn and most of all she reminded me I didn’t really have a job. Needless to say, I don’t think she will be getting a Master Knitters certificate any time soon.

Elaine received a Fiber Arts degree from the University of Would You Like to Donate to the Alumni Association. (That’s really not the name of the University. However, it should be. The university telephones several times a year asking Elaine to donate to one fund or another. Yep, I’m drifting again!)

Ivy started working toward the certificate. She might have made a time management mistake. While working towards her certificate she decided it would be fun to volunteer to become the Treasurer for MAVWA, the organization that runs the Taos Wool Festival. If that wasn’t enough, Ivy volunteered to lead Girl Twin’s girl Scout troop. That didn’t tire her out so she decided to knit a wedding shawl for a friend’s wedding in Michigan. Would you like to guess what she is NOT working on? Yep, you guessed it, her Master Knitter certificate.

Would you like to know the craziest thing of all? Ivy is teaching a woman in the store who is preparing for her 2nd Level Master Knitters certificate. Not bad for a very busy knitter in her twenties.

Our crazy lives!


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