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Just Another Construction Story

I didn’t want to write about my continuing construction career. However, I have had so many questions and well-wishes I have decided to provide a quick update.

My employer has been and is great. I have been on the job less than three weeks and I have already been given time off. Yesterday, Boy Twin (and Girl Twin) had a day (Friday) off at school. They also get Monday off after this weekend. I don’t remember getting all these unexplained days off from school. Last month they had a week off for Spring Break. This month they get two days off for the “Break That Has No Name”. I know that teaching is really tiring and they deserve time off. As parents, we spend a lot of time teaching at night. They call it homework, but it is just teaching. It sure is great when the kids get time off.

Holy cow, what just happened here? This is story about my construction career. I’m getting more coffee, so I can focus.

Yesterday, Boy Twin asked if he could go to work with me. He is fascinated by building and loves to “tour” the show homes to plan the model of the house he will live in when he is off on his own. I have always encouraged my kids to see what the “old man” does everyday and what makes him glad to get home. I told Boy Twin, “Get dressed and get in the truck.”

I’m at a point in my career that I really don’t care if my employer or anyone else would have an opinion as to why he was with me in the truck. (Don’t tell Elaine, but I’m trying to get fired!) My employer saw Boy Twin in the truck and introduced himself to Boy Twin. About ten minutes later, I received a text message from my employer. (I hate text messages. First, I am a senior citizen. One that needs reading glasses for books, magazines and TEXT MESSAGES! My hearing is fine, call me!) Focus Monner, focus! Anyway, I read the text and it said, ”There is no school today, take the day and go play with Boy Twin.” I know the boss just wanted to go home and play with his kids, and was planning on using me for someone to blame.

After being on the job for almost three weeks I realize why my predecessor had to leave. Home owners are flagging me down on the street, asking me if I am the “new guy.” Three separate home owners informed me, “Hey we moved in ___ weeks ago and no one has ever been back to fix this/the _____. One home owner asked me “Hey, when are you going to get the snow blower out of my garage?’ It seems my predecessor stored the company snow blower in this man’s garage prior to him moving in. Ten weeks later, the home owner informed me he would like to have it removed.

While “touring” the the houses under construction with my employer, imagine my surprise when he said, “Hey, where is the fireplace in this house?”

Me: Are you asking Me? Employer: This may not be good.

We have houses with options that are not in the contracts. We have houses missing key features. Can you see why we need days off? I am willing to bet some of you think teachers have it bad! FOCUS!

Now for the part some of you have been waiting for, especially my lovely wife. I received a paycheck. (OK, I realize she has every right to be concerned that I had no income, with her working two jobs. I just wish she could understand how much fun I was having.) We (Elaine and I) were pleasantly surprised at the amount. Not overjoyed, but pleasantly surprised. My salary is 55% of what I was receiving in 2006. Thank God this economy is getting better. (Oh crud, I better get some more coffee, before I start drifting again.) Of course, in 2006 I was living in motels, building the BIGger stuff. Now I am at home every night, sleeping in my bed, enjoying the kids and waiting for my next day off.

I should share another tidbit of the craziness that can enter ones life. As I have written before, my return to construction was started by my receiving an interview from an energy related company working in the area. You most likely remember me writing about the interview and my shaving my beard of almost two years. (God, I miss that beard! What I miss most was getting under the skin of my lovely wife who hated that beard. I’ll admit, it wasn’t great sleeping with one eye open, for fear she would shave me as I slept. That’s what makes a strong marriage , folks.) Well, guess who called me for another interview. Yep. %&^% Energy, the same dopes I am holding responsible for my facial hair laying in the bottom of the sink. (I’m not making this up.)

Them: Monner, this is %&^% Energy, we have received your resume, would you like to interview Monday via phone? Me: You mean for the job I didn’t get a few weeks ago, boy would I. Them: That’s great, let’s set it up.

I can’t see me accepting this job, but I can’t resist messing with them. Yes, I can be unprofessional!

Our crazy lives!


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