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Mini-Monner learns a Lesson

Sometimes the example we set for our children are not always good examples. I will admit that some of my ideas should not be used by everyone.

Boy Twin likes to follow my examples. You might say he is a “chip off the old block”. He will answer if someone would call him Mini-Monner.

Mini-Monner loves to accompany me to work in my construction life. I have never heard him use construction language but I can guarantee he has heard some. (Not by me, of course)

I’m sure this might surprise you, but a lot of intelligent people have looked at me and asked, “WHY?” You see, I have this thing where I don’t wear pants (and REAL shoes). Stop it; I wear pants, just pants without legs; I wear shorts.

I have pants (and shoes.) I just like them in my dresser and closet (and behind the seat of my truck), more than I like to wear them. Mini-Monner has decided this is who he is, also.

It has been really cold here in Northern Colorado. This past week we have awakened to actual temperatures (not wind chill) of minus 16 degrees. Daytime temperatures have risen, but not by much. We are happy when we see the thermometer at zero degrees.

Yes, I am wearing shorts. BUT, I have insulated coveralls over them.

Wednesday, Mini-Monner chose not to follow the “always take winter gear with you” rule. Mini-Monner headed off to school with his “snow pants” still in his room. Ivy was furious when she discovered he “forgot” his winter gear.

Ivy: Where are your snow pants? Mini: I forgot them. Ivy: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? IT IS 15 BELOW ZERO Mini: They won’t let us go outside today, I won’t need them. Ivy: What if a car breaks down and you need to walk? Mini: Like that is going to happen!

It was Elaine turn to pick the twins up at the bus stop. The bus was late. And then later, and possibly a bit more late. Finally, the bus driver called Elaine’s cell phone.

The bus had broken down. The bus was somewhere on the side of the road with NO HEAT and Mini-Monner without winter gear. Karma?

I can’t say Ivy was happy about this turn of events, but she did enjoy hearing Mini-Monner tell her “Ivy, you were right.”

Our crazy lives lives!


PS The next day, Mini-Monner had his snow pants. Lucky for him; the bus broke down again. Not making this up folks. It’s cold!!!!!

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