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The Curse of the Tree

The curse of “the cutting of the Christmas tree” returned this year. This year started as the biggest curse ever.

Since Flood monner, girl Twin has used the space in our home that has been reserved for our Christmas tree for her bed. We are SO CLOSE to moving the twins back into their rooms in the basement. We have started installing the flooring.

By installing the flooring I mean that Elaine and I are installing the flooring. One piece at a time.

Elaine decided that “WE are never going to have carpet in the basement again”. I reluctantly agreed with her, but I knew what that meant. I realized I would need to install the flooring myself. Carpet; I would have been able to hire a real carpet layer to install the carpet. Any other type of flooring, I would end up doing it myself.

Elaine and an interior decorator/saleswomen decided that we should put in laminate flooring. OK, I was there also when the decision was made, but I didn’t get a full vote. I remember it like this, “this is what we are getting, do you like it?” That is not a full vote, is it?

Anyway, Elaine is a great help installing the floor. It’s a good thing. Let me describe the installation procedure; at least how I see it. You get the two oldest people in the house to carry the heavy flooring into the basement. Then you get the same two senior citizens and have them start to install the flooring.

The keyword in “installing flooring” is floor-ing. You need to get down on the floor to install it-like on your knees. I can’t speak for all senior citizens, but I can’t imagine many senior citizens want to work on their knees on the floor. Remember you need to get back up. One piece at a time! I would explain how sore my legs are, but I don’t like to complain!

The kids will tell you they help when they can but this is my story and I’m telling it.

What does this have to do with the “cutting of the Christmas tree”? We need to get the floor done, move the twins back to the basement to have room for the tree.

But that didn’t stop us from our annual trek deeper into the mountains to cut our tree. We decided we would cut a tree anyway. We have no place to put it, but why would that stop tradition?

After you trek into the mountains, you just don’t cut down a tree. Someone needs to be paid. You give the property owner a BUNCH of money for the opportunity to climb over barbwire fences, trudge through knee deep snow, cut down a tree, drag it back to the car, tie it to the roof of the car, and then go to lunch at the mountain restaurant.

What could be better than that? Two trees! Yep, Elaine bought two trees. I cut down two trees. Oh yeah, I think I told you. We don’t have room for one tree. Why not buy two?

I need to get the basement finished. I hope you guys are having a great Christmas season.

Our crazy lives!


PS I just realized, I don’t tell yarn stories. Hmmm, what do you know?

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