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Green Powder Christmas

Once again I will not be telling a story about yarn.

This will be the story of the senior citizen rebuilding his basement and Christmas shopping. Have you guessed who this story is about? I didn’t plan on writing about me (I’m not fibbing).

I’ll just get to the story. Earlier this week I started to get a little tickle in my throat. Elaine might have seen/heard that I was coughing. Ok, she did. She told me a story of how she keeps colds at bay with some green powder she mixes with orange juice. She told me she was coughing last week, put this green powder in orange juice and amazingly she is healthy. Yeah, right!

For a few days I thought she was on to something. She talked Boy Twin into taking some green powder. The two of them seemed to be getting better. I took a teaspoon of green powder and stirred it up in a glass of orange juice. I recognized the taste. It was like licking the lawnmower after mowing the spring grass. (Hey, not everything Monner has done is he willing to talk about.)

With Christmas shopping looming over my head, and a basement so close to being finished, I am sitting here typing this feeling like (construction language). Either I didn’t take enough green stuff or I didn’t believe in it strong enough. I’ve read about this holistic stuff. Maybe there is something to it, but does it need to taste so bad.

I think I just didn’t take enough, I feel really good for a while, and then I start coughing. The kind of coughs that come from your toes. My family is running from me. Girl Twin asked that I not help with food prep. (A small benefit in being sick. I might use this one for a while.)

I did get a door replaced yesterday. (Ivy helped ) (Replace a door? It seems someone thought it was good time to replace every interior door in the house, while we were rebuilding. Oh yeah, that was me!)? But mostly, I just laid around coughing, drinking orange juice with green powder in it. Hopefully I’m getting better, or I am going to need to depend on Santa more than I usually do.

Our crazy lives!


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