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Santa’s tired!

It’s hard to believe Christmas is over. I took enough of Elaine’s green powder to feel pretty good. It may have just been rest and time that made me feel better, but Elaine feels good if she thinks her green powder helped.

Girl Twin decided to prove to herself that this was the year she was going to prove to herself that Santa doesn’t exist. Girl twin was prepared to stay up all night. She took a long afternoon nap to make sure she was not going to fall asleep during the night. At 12:30 AM she was awake. 2:00 AM: awake. 4:00 AM: awake. I’m guessing Santa was getting angry. 7:00 AM Girl Twin is awake. Hey, new presents are under the tree. That wiley Santa came to my house again.

Boy Twin slept all night. He knew Santa was coming. Girl Twin had better realize Santa will be here next year also. She just needs to believe. Just like me. Oh yeah, I don’t think Santa likes being up all night.

Personally, I think it is a sad day when children think they are too old to believe in Santa. That to me is the end of their childhood. I still believe in Santa, myself. For the last 57 years I have awakened to new presents under the tree. (I don’t really remember the first 4-5 years, I was too young. My older brothers told me there were new presents then, also. I have no reason not to believe them.) I have told the twins (and Ivy), Santa has never let me down.

Now we can get ready for New Years Day. Nope, we need to get ready for Elaine’s birthday. As if shopping for Christmas wasn’t enough Ivy, the twins, and I take a breath and start over again.

OK, Elaine is a special person and deserves some recognition on her birthday, but holy cow. This is hard. It’s always a good thing she likes to go to the restaurant in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado for celebrations. We take the short cut to Red Feather. It takes about 25 miles off our trip, not using paved roads. We leave our driveway, stick the car in four-wheel drive, and proceed on the bumpiest “road” that our county considers a road. It works really well for us, except for that time I decided to be bold and drive through a large snow drift. About 100 yards into my four mile walk back to the house (to get another four-wheel drive to pull me out of the snow) I realized I shouldn’t have tried driving through the snow drift.

The tidbit about being stuck has nothing to do with the rest of the story. However, I have had four cups of coffee and I like to keep others from making the same mistakes I have made.

Anyway, we will hit the restaurant in Red Feather, get Elaine a couple things, have a piece of cake and wait for the New Year. It’s not that bad.

Our crazy lives!


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