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Don’t Use GPS!

I have always contended the purpose of these writings are to help others prevent making the same mistakes that have been made by others. My family would argue this point, they believe I write to stroke my own ego. They cannot forget that I end up being the hero in the majority of these stories.

Just to add credibility to my opinion as to why I write, let me tell you a story and give you some advice.

Flood Monner was a set back to our family in many ways. It is hard to decide if one particular setback was worse than another. However, losing our washing machine to flood damage ranks right up at the top. Last September’s Flood Monner destroyed the electronics of our washing machine. We have not had a washer since.

Oh, I know you can go down to The Orange Depot or Good Buy and get a washing machine in a couple of weeks but, someone decided we were going to move our laundry room from the basement to the first floor. (It was Elaine) We have successfully accomplished Elaine’s goal. (By we, I mean me, and if that doesn’t make me a hero, I don’t know what does.)

Right before Christmas, Elaine and I went down to the Orange Depot and bought our new washer. We designed our new laundry room around our front-loading stacking washer and dryer. We hoped and assumed we could buy a washer and stack our old dryer on top. Nope, Monner, it can’t be done. NO WAY can that work, stop thinking about it. You are going to buy a new dryer and not be able to use your PERFECTLY good dryer, STOP THINKING about it! (Sorry)

Last Thursday happened to be the day The Orange Depot arranged for the delivery of our washer and dryer.

Listen carefully now; should Elaine tell you not to use GPS for directions to our house; don’t use it. One brand of GPS cannot find our house. That could be the brand of GPS that you have. I could confirm if it is your brand, however, I don’t want some GPS company to get all lawyered up and try to get the last of my money; I just bought a dryer I didn’t need. (See, these writings are about avoiding mistakes.)

Elaine warned The Orange Depot to call for directions and not depend on GPS. The Orange Depot just didn’t listen. They set the delivery for a midday delivery and told us they would call us about a half hour before they arrive.

I received a phone call from The Orange Depot driver.

Driver: Monner, We are on Travois Trail, we will be arriving in 25 minutes. Me: You’re using GPS aren’t you? Driver: Yes sir, I will see you shortly. Me: No my friend, You will see me in a couple hours, turn around, go back to the highway and call for directions. Driver: The phone is breaking up, I will see you shortly.

This driver, using GPS, is headed into some of the deepest snow in the area on roads that are not suited for large truck in the SUMMER. Traveling on those roads in the best of conditions would take a least an hour.

I guess he wasn’t interested in using the maintained gravel roads that would have shortened his trip by at least an hour. Maybe it is that “guys don’t ask for directions thing”. Or maybe he doesn’t read my stories and has no idea where to go for help.

Two hours later, I received a call from The Orange Depot’s delivery company dispatcher. She informed me it was too snowy to make a delivery that day. I mentioned the main roads were dry and the driver should have called for directions.

Dispatcher: I’m sorry, we are just going to need to reschedule. Me: No, we are going to follow specific directions to our house and your driver will not even see (construction language) snow.

I am starting to think in construction language terms. (I haven’t used them yet, but I’m thinking them.) In the meantime the driver called me. He had returned to the highway and was headed home. We decide he should just park where he was and Elaine would come and get him and lead him to our house.

It worked, The Orange Depot successfully delivered our washer and dryer. Successfully? The dryer arrived damaged and needs to be replaced. We are going to do it again. I’m not making this stuff up, folks.

I hope they call for directions. Of course, then I wouldn’t get to use my heroic actions to save the day.

Our Crazy Lives!


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