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I Should Have Paid Attention

Regrettably, I have not paid attention to every conversation I have been involved in. Even more regrettably, some of those conversation have been with my wife.

I have agreed to pickup one particular item at a store and came home with a thousand other things, but not the thing I went there for. If you are thinking I have a memory problem, you would be wrong; it is an attention problem. I was paying attention when I agreed to go to the store, I wasn’t paying attention when I agreed to pick up Windex. I don’t know why its a problem’ I always bring something home.

I think I agreed to something without paying attention this past week. I thought I agreed to a small investment for the store that would result in a quick turnaround of cash.

Elaine: I found a Rick Reeves spinning wheel for sale on the internet. Me: Huh, oh, that’s great. (I really didn’t know what we were talking about, so I thought paying attention was optional.) Elaine: I think it is being sold for less than its value. Me: That’s nice. Elaine: I think I am going to contact them. We can resell it in the store and make some money. Me: (I’m listening, now.) You think you can make some money? Let’s get in touch with them right away!

Somehow I should have paid more attention. Maybe there was a look in Elaine’s eyes I should have seen, but I didn’t. Maybe I should have read between the lines, when she told me she was going to contact them. Maybe I didn’t ask the right questions.

I should have found out just exactly what a Rick Reeves spinning wheel really is; seems this Rick Reeves guy made some hand-made, high dollar spinning wheels for a while and retired. I guess these spinning wheels are in short supply. I guess Rick Reeves spinning wheels are easy to find potential buyers. If you look for them.

I noticed we had a couple emails from the seller of the Rick Reeves spinning wheel. I suggested to Ivy that we start advertising that we had the wheel and customers should come in to give it a whorl. (Spinners will enjoy the misspelling)

Me: Hey Ivy, Why don’t we start advertising the Rick Reeves wheel? Ivy: What are you talking about? Me? I guess your Mom ordered a spinning wheel to sell in the store. We should announce it on Facebook. Ivy: You have no idea what you are talking about, Mom is keeping that wheel. Me: What? Why would she be keeping that wheel? Ivy: It is not like her Rick Reeves wheel and she wants to keep it. Me: She already has one? Ivy: Yes, the one in her studio is a Rick Reeves wheel. Me: If she has a Rick Reeves wheel why do we need another one? Ivy: They aren’t making Rick Reeves spinning wheels any more. Me: They aren’t making Henry Ford’s Model T’s anymore, and I don’t even have one of them.

Obviously, I missed something in my conversation with Elaine. I thought I was paying attention. Somewhere something went terribly wrong.

From this day forward, I will force myself to pay attention to all my conversations. Elaine will get her Windex and I will have only TWO Rick Reeves spinning wheels in our house. Everybody wins!

Our crazy lives!


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