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Time’s Running Out

We miss you, Mom. I think about you almost eveyday. You’ve been gone so long. Can you believe you have three sons older than you were when you went home? We’ve all got your hair, except for Larry. People tell me how “pretty” my hair is, just like they did you. Larry has that curly non-gray stuff he got from dad.

It’s hard to believe you have two sets of twins for great-grandkids. A boy/girl set and a set of girls. The girls are the stars of Facebook. Facebook? That’s this thing where everyone puts this crap on the internet telling the world how stupid they are. (I do it, too.) They publish recipes, politcal beliefs, pictures of their kids, and stuff like that.

It might be a good thing you’re gone. I’m not sure you would fit in. Remember when you saved Green Stamps to buy my a tennis racquet? People don’t know what Green Stamps are anymore. Kids don’t actually play tennis anymore. The tennis playing kids play tennis on television. No, they aren’t actually on television, they are playing the television. They watch the television and the television watches them. They move around the family room like they are in a tennis match. Yep, the kids play tennis against the TV. I told you the world is different now.

I’ve always wondered why you saved those stamps for my racquet, you could have bought something for yourself. I guess that was just you. I remember how happy you were when I beat that rich kid with his store bought racquet in the championship. That was a good day for both of us. I don’t play tennis anymore, except with the twins against the TV. Truthfully, I wonder what happened to that old racquet.

You know what I miss the most? The food! Those old German-Russian recipes were the best. You would be proud, Ivy and some of your grandkids are making the old stuff. They are doing a pretty good job. I don’t know if it matches up with yours, but it is the best we have.

Ivy looks like you in your pictures when you were young. She has one of your recipes in your handwriting framed and on the wall. I guess you gave it to one of my sister-in-laws and she thought Ivy should have it. Do you remember that?

Hey, I have to go now. I hope you are having a great Mother’s Day! Elaine and the kids are watching a movie and I slipped away for a minute. I might go bowling later with the kids, against the TV in the family room of course. Yes, you can do that now. Love you!

This is what I would say if I could. If you guys have something to say to your mother, do it!

Our crazy lives!


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