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Wild West Knitting Retreat

Once again I find myself writing about the knitting, which makes Ivy extremely happy. For some reason, Ivy thinks the purpose of these stories are to promote her store. I say her store due to the fact that Elaine and I get to spend very little time in it.

Elaine’s other business is booming. Contrary to what you may have heard on the news, this country is rebuilding the electrical grid. Elaine’s overtime hours are proving it. With Elaine saving the country, one powerline at a time and people buying more houses than I can build, the store has become Ivy’s to enjoy.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still get to do my chores for the store. Why, just yesterday I got to mow the lawn. Several times a week I stop by to deal with the trash and recyclables. Alright, while I am being honest I still dye yarn.

Elaine is just plain busy. Someone talked her into designing, writing and publishing the twins’ school yearbook. I asked her why she let’s herself get talked into stuff like that. She told me that at the end of the year she gets to go to the school’s volunteer pancake breakfast. Heck, had I known that, I would have helped her.

OK, back to knitting. Your Daily Fiber and Cherokee Park Ranch just completed the 1st Annual Wild West Knitting Retreat.

Did I mention the retreat was my idea and I didn’t participate in the actual event? Nope not one bit.

Elaine and Ivy suggested that since I never get to work in the store maybe I would like to be manager of Your Daily Fiber while they attend the knitting retreat. At first I was excited about being manager again, then it occurred to me I was manager for only one day. Sadly, I had already accepted my position and didn’t feel right about backing out.

Ivy suggested while I was managing I could get in an entire day of yarn dyeing. Quickly I realized I was not going to be in charge, even when I am manager. I showed her who was going to be in charge. I got to the store early and mowed the lawn before I started dyeing yarn. She didn’t even tell me to mow.

While I’m at the store working my fingers to the bone, Elaine and Ivy were with a special group of ladies enjoying knitting, homemade cookies, fully catered meals and a knitting workshop featuring Colorado’s own, Vicki Square. (thanks' Vicki, we hope you had as much fun as Elaine and Ivy) All of this taking place in the mountain air at a restored 1880′s stagestop/inn, 100 ft. from a beautiful Colorado river.

If I sound a little bitter, I think I mentioned the retreat was my idea. I was in the store trying to order a sandwich online, while Elaine, Ivy and the guests were being pampered by the ranch staff.. I gave up and ordered the (construction language) sandwich on the phone after the sandwich shop website told me I need a password to complete my order.

Thank you, Cherokee Park Ranch.

Thank you, 1st Annual Wild West Attendees.

I’m going to change the subject now. This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I have a hard time celebrating the holiday. Our son, Alex, Ivy’s brother, and the twins’ dad passed away nine years ago on Memorial Day weekend. I need to thank the people that fought and died to give me the opportunity to write this (construction language).

Alex, we love and miss you.

Our crazy lives!


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