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Knit in Public, Father’s Day and No Baseball

I’m not going to write about my Little League team because I wrote about them last week. There are so many things happening in my life I can’t write about Little League every week.

Just yesterday, we had our 2nd Annual Knit-in-Public Day. We had a live sheep display from Nancy Irlbeck of Aniroonz Sheep Ranch in Wellington, a yarn sale, Peggy Doney of 100th Sheep displayed some of her beautiful exotic handspun yarn and Vicki Square dropped of some of her latest one-of-a-kind creations. It was quite a success.

I started the day at Little League practice. I wrote about Little League last week so I am not going to write about it today. However……………..

If I were going to write about the Little League, I would tell the story of Mr. Pro Uniform. He has decided he wants to be one of the team’s pitchers. I have to give the kid credit. He doesn’t mind being the star. It would be a bonus if he could pitch. If he didn’t have that wonderful uniform, he would just be another kid on the team. Until, you hear him talk!

It’s not his voice or anything like that; It’s what he has to say. Like the time I watched him throwing the baseball with an underhand motion.

Me: Why are you throwing like that? Mr Pro: I think it looks cool! Me: Does it matter that the ball is not going anywhere near where you wanted it to go? Mr Pro: Yeah, but it looked cool.

This kid is the smallest kid on the team, what he lacks in size he makes up in ego. I heard him telling the team, next game he was bringing “eye black”. For those of you who don’t know what eye black” is, it is the black crap professionals put under their eyes to cut down on the glare from the sun. I’m not sure at the Little League level it actually has any benefit, but it does look……..COOL!

Before his turn at bat, Mr. Pro Uniform points with his bat in the direction he is planning on hitting the baseball. Should he actually ever hit the ball it is going to be really, well, COOL. Should he ever actually hit the ball.

If I were writing about Little League baseball, I could tell the story of noticing one of my players hiding behind the bench.

Me: Hey Hiding Boy, did you play last inning? Hiding Boy: I don’t know. Me: You don’t know? Have you been hiding the entire game? Hiding Boy: I don’t know. Me: Get in left field! (mumbling) I’m not sure I can take this!

Ivy watched this exchange of words. She shared her exchange with the same boy.

Ivy: Hiding Boy, it is your turn to bat! Hiding Boy: (no answer, as he walks to the end of the bench and sits down) Ivy: Hiding Boy, are you going to bat? Hiding Boy: Is it my turn? Ivy: Is your name Hiding Boy? (The names are changed, as always) Hiding Boy: I don’t know.

I can’t be sure, but I think it is his parents idea that he is playing baseball. I’m guessing Hiding Boy does not have the same summer plans his parents have laid out for him.

Those would be the stories I would write about if I was going to write about my Little League team. Looking at the calendar I should write about Father’s Day.

I think I will just say Happy Father’s Day and write something next week.

Our crazy lives!


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