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High School Reunions

Elaine and I attended our high-school reunion this past weekend. Elaine and I graduated from different high schools in the same city and the same year. Our reunions have always been combined.

It was one of the reunions when the number year ends in zero, somewhere between 30 and 50. I need to admit, my desire to attend was like warm, at best. I am not the party guy I once was. I am more comfortable staying home and writing stupid crap for people to read.

I still live in the same general area that I lived in when I graduated from high school. I know how to reach the people who remain my friends. The Quarterback thought it would be fun if we went to see some of the kids from school. The Quarterback didn’t actually graduate with Elaine or I, (I think he graduated, but I didn’t actually see it happen.)

I met the Quarterback in grade school and we were friends until he moved away in our junior year of high school. He moved back to the area a few years ago. We (Elaine, The Quarterback and I) will always be friends.

Anyway, The Quarterback said he was going and convinced me to go, also.

As it remains hard for me to say, The Quarterback might have been right and I might have been wrong. (Wow, I can’t believe how painful it is to admit that.) We had a good time.

It was nice talking to some of the people that moved away. It was fun talking to the people that stayed here in town. I talked to a guy that I have not seen since high school. He still lives here in this town. I think our sleepy little town grew into a big city.

I talked to lawyers, doctors, stage managers, ranchers, farmers, teachers, soldiers and a fairy godmother. (Love ya!) I was surprised by some of my classmates told me they read this crap. (Thanks)

I found the “girls” quite nice. They wanted to know what I/we have been doing all these years. They tell you how nice you look and it was great to see you again. They ask “Do you remember when we ………… back in Mrs. Mummert’s class? I think about that all the time.” That’s the stuff the “girls talked about.

It was a different story with the “guys”. They want to tell you what they have been doing. And they want to start the day after high school. I heard, ”After high school, I ………, and then I ………. and then I, ………… I grew a beard once,………… did I mention, I was on disability?” (OK, not all of the guys told that story, but it was more than one.)

Elaine had a great time. She spent time with classmates from junior high school as well as high school. I took part in quite a few conversations myself. People asked Elaine what she has been doing all these years. They asked me how long it took to grow my beard.

One of my classmates used the reunion to drum up business for his marketing firm. He told me he sold advertising spots on radio stations. When he found out Elaine and I owned a yarn store, he told me, “I wouldn’t begin to know how to help you!” I don’t recall if he commented on my beard.

One old friend mentioned to me, “You are wearing a cowboy shirt, shorts and plastic crocs, does Elaine know that?” I told him, “Yeah, she picked out which crocs I wear.” I didn’t tell him the crocs were faux crocs. It was fun letting him think I treat myself to all the best stuff.

At the end of the night, The Quarterback walked away from group, headed outside to smoke a cigarette. As he walked it was apparent what time can do to one’s body. One of the girls from grade school asked me, “Good God, what happened to him?” I told her, “He’s had a life, not everything was great. We laugh everyday, he plays golf everyday and he is still The Quarterback.”

I’m glad he talked me into going.

Our crazy lives!


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