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The Benefits of Cross-Country

I love this cross-country stuff! I’m getting benefits I didn’t know I could get.

This twins had their second meet of the year last week. The meet took place in south Denver. Our school couldn’t afford to send the team on a bus to the meet, so the parents drove the kids to the meet.

Our school uses that new math that I don’t quite understand. Example: 1 bus to south Denver is more expensive than 15 parent cars traveling to the same cross-country meet.

The 15 cars traveling to the meet was/is better for the environment,. I know you think I have my facts wrong. Well, then why was it only 28 degrees and snowing at my house Thursday? Obviously, those fifteen cars are keeping the earth cooler than a bus would have. (OK, I’m just kidding. However, it is STILL summer and it is snowing.)

Back to the benefits of cross-country meets. I got the day off from work. I had mixed feelings about driving 80 miles in the middle of a work day to attend a cross-country meet……….what am I saying? I have a salary, I jumped at a chance to take the day off. I did ask Elaine and Ivy if they wanted to go. They both had things to do at work and the store. I had things to do, I just chose to do them later.

Driving to the meet did cost me some money. I spent $30 for gas. I was glad to do it. You need to support the schools with your wallet. That is an important lesson we need to share with our kids If we don’t spend on education, who will. Not to mention the positive effect on the environment. (Oh-oh, I think I’m doing it again.)

The twins’ school has a very good cross-country team. Both the boys and the girls teams won their meet. I give the coach a lot of credit for the teams success. She is not afraid to ask the kids to train harder.

Thursday, when it was cold and snowy, we parents received an email from the school. The email informed us after school sports schedules were altered due to the weather. Football, tennis, and softball practice would be held indoors in one of the school gym. Cross-country? Outside in the rain, snow and cold!

That’s why our school wins! We grow ‘em tough up here so they can win trophies for the school, (I forgot to mention. The boys team picked Boy Twin to receive the school’s 1st-place trophy. I think the other boys were too tired to walk up and get the trophy.) (The girls team did not pick Girl Twin.)

The next cross-country meet is here in our town. I think we get a bus for transportation to the meet. The coach and I think a bus is unnecessary. The team should just run to the meet.

Our crazy lives!


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