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Another Story

Why didn’t anyone tell me winter was coming? I have a lot of work to do to prepare for cold weather.

Living on this mini-ranch comes with its share of cold weather prep. Hay (livestock feed) needs to be procured for the winter. Hay prices are interesting. Hay prices skyrocketed the last couple years due to the droughts, fires and floods. Hay was in short supply and prices were adjusted accordingly.

This past summer conditions for growing hay were nothing short of fantastic. We had plenty of rain at the appropriate times. A surplus of hay was grown in the area this past summer. Prices had to come down. Nope, hay users have become comfortable paying outrageous prices for hay and the hay growers were more than willing to oblige them.

I’ve tried to introduce this business model into the yarn business. It doesn’t work. Yarn buyers are smarter than hay buyers. When a store gets short on yarn, yarn buyers go to the internet. If the internet doesn’t have the yarn a yarn buyer can always go to town and just buy a sweater or whatever. As you can see, I’ve thought this out.

Sorry, this isn’t a story about hay or yarn. This is a story about the weather and baseball.

Reviving my baseball career has impacted my life in a negative way. Oh, I know I was really excited about being around baseball this past summer. Heck, I even turned down a real, good paying job for baseball. And when the job was offered again after the season was over, thank God the kids wanted to play Fall Ball.

Fall Ball was a little different for me. The twins did not play on the same team they played on during the summer. Kids that play baseball in the fall are not interested in other sports. They are not interested in football, baseball is going to be their sport. Parents that enroll their child in Fall Ball are determined to have their kid excel. In 2014 it is really hard to be politically correct and cheer for other players in KIDS baseball while pushing your child to the top.

Man, these kids could play. I would not be surprised if a couple of these kids played professionally someday. That’s if the parents don’t ruin it for them. We had parents in this league the only cheered for their own kid, instructed me when to let their kid pitch and actually kept track of their child’s batting statistics. Not to pat myself on the back (because I have my ego in check) I seldom know the score. My job in baseball is let the kids have fun and hopefully make them better players.

But this story is not about Fall Ball. It is about the job offer is back again, and INDOOR WINTER BASEBALL. Yep, they now have INDOOR WINTER BASEBALL. But let’s talk about the job offer first. These guys are not giving up. I guess they are building a child daycare center here in Fort Collins. Maybe it was divine intervention, luck or the persistence of my future and ex-employer but every time a baseball season finished and another one started the project got delayed.

When the new company ordered business cards for me, I had to accept the offer. Elaine and Ivy won’t give me my own business cards in the store. I do all this beautiful dying of the yarns, but no business cards. Elaine thinks I should be happy having a label on my yarns that supposedly has a drawing of me on the label. If she was really thinking of me while she was drawing the label, why was she looking at a picture of Sean Connery while she was drawing?

Oops, I got off track. INDOOR WINTER BASEBALL is played at one of the local rec centers. It was 10 degrees and snowing last night and the kids and I were playing baseball indoors. INDOOR WINTER BASEBALL is played on Saturday nights. As I type this, I am wondering if my new employer had anything to do with that. He knew that Saturday night baseball would not interfere with building a daycare center. I know he wouldn’t want to waste those business cards.

Our crazy lives!


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