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Baseball Saves Christmas

After writing last week’s story, I thought I would have a easy story to write this week. I imagined that I would get up, make the coffee and write an easy story. I knew I would have the dogs at my feet with me typing on Elaine’s laptop, with Maggie (one of the Great Pyrenees) “pawing” at me for attention.

It takes a long time on Sunday morning to write these stories. Hey, don’t judge me, You try to type with one hand and scratch a dog’s head. using a borrowed computer. My life is not easy.

I had planned on writing a story about how Elaine had wowed her fellow workmates with her dance moves. How I had picked up a couple new moves myself. I imagined that I would be writing about how, together, Elaine and I, put to good use all that stretching Elaine was doing and dance the night away.

OK, I thought I would have danced one slow dance and went home early. There, I said it!!

Well folks, that didn’t happen. We didn’t go to the Christmas party.

I’m pretty sure right now you are thinking that I am some horrible, creepy promise-breaker and that I didn’t take Elaine to her Christmas party. Well, when Christmas parties conflict with Indoor Winter Baseball, some sacrifices need to be made.

I’m sorry, but I have eight pre-teens depending on me to drive them to victory. I have a career. I am running out of time if I am going to achieve my goals. But that wasn’t what happened.

I wasn’t me that stole Christmas. I am not the “Grinch”! It is the State of Colorado. Elaine’s Christmas party was cancelled. It seems the establishment that was hosting Elaine’s Christmas party forgot to pay a few taxes.

Yep, five days before Elaine cashes in on my yearly promise, the State of Colorado says, “Nope, no dancing for you, Elaine!”

As you can see, this situation is not about me, but does the State of Colorado have any idea that it turned me into a PROMISE-BREAKER? Do they have any idea how close I was to calling another parent to coach the baseball team during the only double-header the kids play this year?

The State of Colorado decided that I would not write a story about dancing this morning. I wasn’t me at all. However, I have an obligation to write a story in spite of the State of Colorado, and here it is.

I coached our baseball team last night. I have a player that I have had on my team all three seasons this year. This player (Taylor) had never played baseball prior to this year. Taylor seems to really like baseball.

As with all first year players, this kid has struggled batting. Truthfully, this kid has not hit a baseball in any season this year.

Last night, we played a team of the “elite” fifth and sixth-grade kids. These kids travel around the country playing baseball year round.

The “elites” were pitching their “elite” pitcher against us. As a team, our guys were doing quite well. We are winning. (And yes, for some reason, this time I care.)

It is Taylor’s turn to bat. The “elite” boy is throwing hard. Taylor lets the first pitch go by. Strike one! Taylor lets the second pitch go by. Strike two! I yelled, “Taylor, just watch the ball and swing the bat.” Crack! Taylor drove the ball, hard, between first and second base and sprinted towards first. She was safe at first base easily. Her first hit!

And that my friends, is what Christmas is all about!

Our crazy lives!


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