Christmas Trees and Solar Lights

I love this time of year. Whoever set up this holiday season thing had me in mind. It started when I was a kid. Think about it! You are going to school and in the middle of the school year, someone decided kids need a vacation. Then in the middle of the vacation, someone decided giving and getting gifts would be nice. Who thinks to this stuff? The guy/gal is a genius!

OK, I know that has nothing to with what the season is about, but I also know we have all had these same thoughts and someone needs to say it.

Our family’s Christmas season starts on Thanksgiving weekend. We go into the woods to cut down a tree. At least that is what we say we do. Actually, there is more to the story than that.

As a family we drive to a mountain resort that grows a bunch of trees. The resort charges people to cut down Christmas trees.

We all got dressed in winter gear, put a saw in the back of the car and headed into the mountains. Evidently, we didn’t bring enough winter gear. I noticed Ivy was in the resort lodge admiring the display of gloves and mittens. I thought Ivy was looking at the winter hand gear from a knitters perspective. Ivy is an accomplished knitter and could knit a pair of mittens in about sixty seconds. (OK, I’m exaggerating.) Nope, Ivy didn’t bring mittens and was looking to buy mittens.

Of course, we are buying mittens that she could have made or bought in town for ten bucks. Nope, Ivy paid twenty dollars (resort prices) for some new mittens. Elaine saw Ivy’s new mittens.

Elaine: Wait a minute, I want to go back in and buy some mittens. Me: You have mittens on your hands. (I was hoping she just didn’t realize that) Elaine: I know, I like Ivy’s new mittens. I want a pair also!