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Shopping Malls are Good

It has been a while since I talked about my construction life. I guess that is because this a yarn store blog. I regret to tell you, I get to spend less time in the store these days. Although, I did hear a story about a customer coming into the store and was concerned because a man was in there.

It is 2015 and I feel I can share my feelings with you. It hurts a little to be considered ”a man in the store.” (I’m guessing they were talking about me.) Especially, when I am so knowledgeable. I know that yarn comes in different colors. Yarn is long. Yarn is an awful lot like string. Yarn doesn’t weigh very much, unless you use a lot of it. And, my wife and daughter let me carry boxes of yarn.

Why would anyone be offended that I was in our store? Oh well, that’s enough yarn talk, I better tell you guys what’s happening in the construction world.

Last September I decided to return to a company I left in 1999 to build a daycare center here in town. It never happened. Not because a decision I made. The daycare center didn’t get built.

Problems with the daycare owners obtaining a building permit and then weather put the project on hold. My future employers called me about every two weeks telling me to be patient. As far as they were concerned, our plans were not changed, just postponed.

Last month my future employer called. “Hey Monner, we need to talk.” I replied, “This is a first; I’ve never been fired before I was hired.”

I’ve been fired, twice. The manager of the restaurant I worked at in high school gave me an ultimatum. “Get a haircut!” I didn’t think he meant before I worked again. My dad fired me from the family business, also. Not because I wouldn’t get a haircut. He fired me because I didn’t like an older brother telling me what to do. I showed them, I got that job at the restaurant.

Future Boss: Monner, you’re not fired. We need you. Me: I’ve been by the daycare. I see someone is working out there. FB: We have another job for you. Me: Jeff, I’m not traveling. FB: I don’t want you to, we have several jobs at the mall, we want you to do them all. Me: Several? At the same time? FB: Sort of, can we talk?

The mall in our town is being torn down and rebuilt. My job is to build temporary store sites while the permanent locations are being built. My first day on the job, I learned I already hate my job.

Store people were asking me why I wasn’t done with their store yet. “Huh, this is my first day!” I quickly remembered why I own a yarn store. Well, I may not be the owner, but I married one.

I started hoping someone would ask me to cut my hair or they would tell me my brother was in charge. (OK, I knew that wasn’t going to happen, but a guy can hope.)

I didn’t realize how important shopping malls are to people. I guess people need a place to buy earrings, underwear, pants, shoes and smoothies. I guess I’m the guy that is going that is going to build several of the places.

I know people buy things online. I think there are two things that should never be bought online; yarn and smoothies. If you can’t feel how soft the yarn is, don’t buy it. If a smoothie arrives in the mail, don’t drink it. Just a little advice from Ol’ Monner.

This mall thing won’t be so bad, except for the hardhats and those dopey reflective vests. The direct deposits are nice.

Our crazy lives!


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