No Smart Phones at the Empire State Building

You might want to get your favorite beverage. We could be here a while. Before I get started, I may not write about yarn. You know I love writing about yarn, however sometimes I need to write about my second favorite subject, me……..and my construction life.

Did you know the Empire State Building was built in 410 days? From the first nail in the first board to the ribbon cutting (The ribbon was cut by the New York Governor’s grandchildren.) the building was completed in 410 days. I find that amazing. In the early 1930′s using the best construction methods and technology of the day, the construction industry built the tallest building in the world in one year plus 45 days.

I don’t believe we can do that today. And I know why; SMART PHONES! The workers on the Empire State Building did not have smart phones. They actually spoke to people using common sense. The workers didn’t need immediate information. They used planning and common sense.

Every worker today has a smart phone. The construction industry actually has workers who’s only tool is a smart phone. I encountered one of these workers on my new mall construction job.

I was involved in a conversation directing a couple of my workers. I could have sent the info to their smart phones but I am a dinosaur and I still think actually speaking directly to people is best. While talking to the workers, I was approached by a tiny, little guy wearing a hard hat and reflective vest. He was carrying a smart phone.

Tiny: Are you with the construction crew? Me: Yes, I’m Monner with _________ Construction. Tiny: You are wearing shorts and sneakers. Me: I know that…………. I put them on this morning. I will be off the site in a minute. Tiny: Hardhats and vests are required here. You must be visible to the other workers. I need to call my safety director.