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May, Track and Mother’s Day

I don’t like the month of May. I have good reasons. I don’t like the weather in May. It is snowing right this minute.

May is the month that teases you with some beautiful weather, you start to get used to it, and BAM; it’s snowing. I can recall six of the last twelve Mother’s Days that we have “enjoyed” snow. Two of those days we have lost power due to the snow.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day is in May. I know mothers deserve a special day and fathers get a special day in June, but why do I have to wait an extra month? I’ve been nice to my kids also. Why am I always last?

Sunday mornings in May, I get up early to write a story. I am surrounded by Great Pyrenees dog insisting that I pet them. I type with one hand while petting the dogs. I switch hands and pet a different dog when the dogs have decided it is now their turn. OK, that happens every month, but it doesn’t stop in May. (Hey, I think I might be getting a little crotchety.)

And finally, my son (and Elaine’s) died in May. May is a rough month for us. We may talk about it someday, but not today. That would put a damper on Mother’s Day.

It has been a crazy week; non stop rain. The roof at the mall continues to leak. The “Thankgiving Day Parade” store has buckets and barrels in the aisles to catch the rain. Another store that sells jeans and leather boots had to close 25% of their store due to roof leaks.

I am close to finishing a mall project. I should explain that I am the inside builder. I am building a store that sells clothes that I hope the twins never wear. I don’t mind the clothes so much, but I’m not sure the clothes aren’t a gateway to those giant earrings. Not to sound negative, but you will never be my mortgage banker, realtor, lawyer, plumber, etc; if I can’t stop staring at your ears.

I’m sorry, I think I might have drifted a little with that last paragraph. What I meant to say, “it seems silly to put in carpeting with the roof leaking,” Remember, I am just working in the inside stuff. Another contractor is responsible for the outside stuff.

The twins are on the school track team. (Here come a happy Mother’s Day story) It’s really working out. The twins are in really good shape. That comes in handy when Boy Twin doesn’t latch the door when taking out the trash.

Boy Twin was able to catch the two dogs that decided an open door was an opportunity to go for a late night jog. Boy Twin caught the dogs in a half mile, which happen to be his best distance on the track team. There was a negative to this story though. He ruined his track shoes running in the rain. It was in May. (it wasn’t really a Mother’s Day story, but Elaine was proud of him.)

While the half mile (800 meters) is Boy Twin’s best distance, it is not his best event. His best event? DISCUS! Boy Twin is the most unlikely discus thrower on the planet. He is a foot shorter than some of the discus throwers in his school.

While at a middle school track meet, Boy Twin was watching some high school discus throwers practicing nearby. He immediately (at the track meet) changed his throwing style to mimic the high schoolers and added twenty feet to his throws. Boy Twin qualified for the district championships in DISCUS! I’m still shaking my head over that one.

Girl Twin is a hurdler and sprinter. I’m thinking those are skills that come in handy chasing dogs across the pasture (in the rain) when her brother leaves the door open. We didn’t get to try my hurdler/dog chasing theory. Girl Twin was in the shower and missed all the fun.

We have planned a stay at home Mother’s Day celebration today. It is cold and snowing, what choice do we have? I was sent yesterday to the store for a couple things (including a key lime pie, Elaine’s favorite dessert) for the Mother’s Day meal. I picked up something more than strawberries.

Feeling festive, I went into the jewelry store. Elaine has a replacement for her aging and broken wedding ring. I have double fuel points.

Happy Mother’s Day! Mom, I miss you. Take care of Alex for me.

Our crazy lives!


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