Something Had to Give Something Had to Give

I didn’t write a story last week, and I need to apologize. I would like to say that I just took a small vacation from the stories, but that would be a fib. Something had to give. I had to chose between all the things in a crazy week or write a story. OK, I could have given up an a couple hours of sleep, but a sleepy Monner is a grumpy Monner. Nobody wants that.

I should thank you guys that have stopped by the store to remind me that I didn’t write last Sunday. I was trying to forget, Elaine is really good at reminding me of what I didn’t get done last week. She appreciates having help, and would like to thank you all for it.

My Little League baseball season is over. Our team didn’t fair to well. Oh, we won some games but I think some of the parents were disappointed we didn’t win more.

I had one parent that appointed himself assistant (OK, Head coach) coach. He didn’t think this group of 10-12 year old CHILDREN were twisting their hips while batting, “short arming” while pitching; and he was going to let the kids know it. Over and over and over.

I couldn’t take it. I informed the assistant (head) coach it might be a good idea if he stop yelling at the kids. I had heard from two of the kids, they didn’t like baseball because the assistant (Hey, I just realized the first three letters in the word assistant start with “construction language”, I will call him (construction language) coach. (Construction language) coach continued to yell at them. One of the kids was (construction language) coach’s own kid.

After talking to (construction language) coach about changing his methods, he decided to quit coaching. Actually, he quit talking all together and, oh yeah, he quit coming to the games. Hmmm, do you think it was something I said? I wonder if (construction language) coach noticed, when he stayed home the KIDS won!