Alarms and a Day Trip

It is Labor Day weekend and I have started the holiday celebration. I enjoy every holiday that the kids and I get a day off from hearing the alarm go off. Elaine sets her alarm every “school” day and it is a blessing when the house does not hear it in the morning.

Elaine’s alarm is one of those hugely loud, repetitive, annoying buzzing alarms. Any day without hearing that in the morning is going to be a good day.

Just because Elaine’s alarm doesn’t go off, does not mean I/we get to sleep in, We still have a couple back up alarms. We have roosters and dogs working in unison to keep the family from sleeping in.

The roosters wake the dogs and me. The dogs start barking usually waking Elaine. On “school” days this is usually about ten minutes before Elaine’s (construction language) buzzing starts. The kids may or may not wake up from the dogs barking. I am not quite sure if the kids are awake or not. My kids either pretend to be asleep or actually are asleep (not very likely) so the do not need to get out of bed and feed the dogs.

This theory does not apply to Boy Twin. Not even Elaine’s buzzing wakes that kid. Nothing short of screaming in his ear wakes, Boy Twin. Of course, that only works if we watch him. He is an expert in moving from his bed to a couch undetected.

I’m sorry! I had no intention of writing a “complaining” story. I wanted to tell a story about our holiday celebration.

Elaine suggested we take a day trip into the mountains. My first thoughts were just driving home is like taking a day trip into the mountains. Why in the world would we want to do that? Then I thought about the alternative. The window screens have been rotted by the sun and need to be replaced. I need to tie up some loose ends on the cellular antenna. We need to clean the chi