Football and Knitting

Football has my house a little mixed up this fall. Boy Twin is playing football which he has never done before. Then you have Ivy watching football which she has never done before.

I should bring you up to date on Boy Twin’s middle school football team. They have not won a game yet, but they are getting closer. The score of the game was tied until the last play of the game when the other cross town middle school team scored a touchdown.

Boy Twin’s team didn’t fair well in the injury department either. One of Boy Twin’s teammates now has a surgically repaired wrist and another will miss a couple games due to a concussion. Boy Twin informed me that I shouldn’t worry, he can’t get a concussion. His head is too hard. Elaine and I are thinking about having him checked out. Boy Twin most likely already has one.

Boy Twin didn’t say anything about breaking a wrist. He has already broken his wrist twice, both times he was jumping. One time jumping rope and one time jumping his sister’s bicycle with his bicycle. Come to think of it, he may have been suffering from a concussion when he thought it was a good idea to take his bicycle and jump over his sister’s bike.

Ivy has never been interested in football. This past week Ivy asked me if she could watch the Bronco game with me. I usually don’t watch football. Its not that I don’t like football, I just don’t spend a lot of time watching it.

With the cable sport channels you really don’t need to watch the games. I watch thirty minutes of highlights and I am able to chat about the games with the construction guys who think somehow they play for or own one of the teams.

I can’t watch an entire football game without missing an episode of ”Nude and Scared”, ”Pawning Made Entertaining”, and “Driving the Old Camaro to get Free Food”. Something would have to give, I choose to make it football.