Dillinger, a Creepy Guy and Bears

I have begun writing this story three times. I have been trying to write this since Sunday morning. I just can’t find the time to finish. I’ve even tried to write it after I get home from my construction world and before I go to bed. I just can’t bring myself to type when “Nude and Scared” is on television.

I like to finish my stories on Sunday morning. I actually started this one about 8:00 Sunday morning. I had to stop writing. Something is taking up my time. That something is the twins, oh yeah and Halloween

My Halloween started at 7:00 AM. Our store and the coffee shop a couple doors down decided to make Halloween a special day for both stores. Actually it was coffee shop owners and Ivy that made the decision. Ivy tells me I agreed to the plans. Sometimes when people are telling me about something that will involve extra work for me I glaze over and stop listening.

I don’t think “glazing over” this conversation was my best option in this case, I guess I agreed to bring a llama to town for a petting zoo. I don’t remember agreeing to anything like that, but I do remember hearing the words llama and coffee shop. I don’t remember me saying anything like NO!

Saturday morning I got out of bed and started loading a llama in the trailer. I know what you’re thinking. Big deal, you open the door of the trailer and the llama jumps in. Nope, you’re wrong. Not our llama.

First, we need to bring the llama (Dillinger) in from the pasture. He was perfectly happy out there. Then we get to halter Dillinger. He wasn’t in the mood. Now we can put him in the trailer. I didn’t mention before I could use the trailer I had to make a couple repairs to actually attach it to the truck.

We have temporary fence panels to build a corral at the store that needed to be loaded on to the truck. The panels are heavy and cumbersome. It takes two people to load them. When the panels were loaded on the truck Elaine s