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Thanksgiving and Tree cutting

I’m trying to decided if this was a great Thanksgiving or just a good one. I’m leaning towards it was a great Thanksgiving, but I’m not quite sure.

The twins didn’t fight much. That makes it great. How is it that two people that spent nine months in their mother’s body cannot sit together on the seat of a pickup? ”Can you not sit so close?” ”I get to sit in the front!” ”Move your backpack.” ”Would you stop staring at me?” Three days of not taking the twins to school is definitely something to be thankful for.

It helped that the twins each went to a sleep over. Girl Twin went to her usual sleepover. Boy Twin went to a sleepover attended by six pre-teen and teenage boys. I am certainly thankful the sleepover didn’t take place at our house. But then again, I wouldn’t have made that mistake.

All six boys are good kids, even the one with three colored hair. I don’t mind three colored hair, I have three colored hair myself. White, gray and black. This kid went a different route. He chose colors that are found nowhere in nature. His hair was green, purple and whatever color you get when you mix green and purple.

Elaine reminds me my parents didn’t like my choice of hair. I remind her my choice of hair was to do nothing but wash and comb (occasionally). I use the same principals today.

What does any of this have to do with Thanksgiving? Once again, I’m sorry.

The weather was lousy this Thanksgiving. Cold, cloudy and snowy sums up the weather. The twins wanted to make a snow fort. Boy Twin likes to build igloos when he has snow and a day he can spend at home.

The snow was the dry powdery snow, the kind that doesn’t stick together. I was thankful for that. That kept me from needed to go build igloos with Boy Twin. I’ve lost my desire to build igloos (or any type of structure when the temperature is in the single digits Fahrenheit. The temperature did not prevent me from going outside. Someone had to feed the llamas and Mac.

I went outside to feed the livestock, but when I was finished I jumped on the four-wheeler and pulled the twins on their sled through the snow. I was able to forget how (construction language) cold it was and had a great time with the twins.

Our family had a great time preparing our Thanksgiving dinner. Every one of us helped with the cooking. I was a great time. The twins were actually able to look at each other and not complain. This was a great Thanksgiving.

We planned on heading deeper into the mountains Friday to cut a Christmas tree. With the temperature still in the single digits (crawling into the teens) we decided to wait for a warmer day.

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