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Girl Twin and the Magic Beans

It is difficult preparing meals in our house. The twins are very picky eaters and they are not picky about the same things. Elaine will tell you that I am the reason the twins have these unreasonable eating requirements.

I might be described as picky myself, but my pickiness is based on deep thought and life’s experiences. I have written before that my older brothers force fed me a couple of onions when I was young. Based on that LIFE EXPERIENCE I have no desire to eat onions.

Let’s talk about cheese. Not all cheese, just the fragrant cheeses. I think (DEEP THOUGHT) that an awful lot of (most) cheeses smell like sweaty socks. I have no reason to even try to enjoy something like that. Elaine eats all kinds of cheese. She can put cheese on leather, cardboard and dog biscuits and will tell me how wonderful it is. ”Here, try this!’ ”No thanks.”

As you can see, I have every reason to be a picky eater.

The twins however have no reasons to avoid any foods. They have never been force fed anything and I seriously doubt they have ever given any thought as to why they don’t like certain foods.

Boy Twin does not like tomatoes. However, he likes pizza and Italian pasta dishes. Not all pasta dishes, only the dishes with tomato based sauce. No deep thought there. Boy Twin will not eat a burger with lettuce (or tomato) but, lettuce (no tomato) is OK on a taco.

Girl Twin eats everything (just like Elaine), except beans. Boy Twin wants to eat beans everyday.

As you can see, it can be pretty hard to feed this family. Hey, did I mention I like string cheese? Hmmm, go figure.

I’m ready for the story now.

I like to use the internet to look for recipes for family dinners on the chance I might find one everyone will enjoy. When I find a recipe that fits the bill, I share it with the family hoping someone will volunteer to cook it. If that doesn’t work I will try the recipe myself. (That way I can leave out the onions.)

I came across a recipe for Hoppin’ John. I was reading about the legend of Hoppin’ John. It seems people in the southern United States eat Hoppin’ John on New Years Day because (as the legend goes) Hoppin’ John assures all who partake a prosperous new year.

Hoppin’ John gets its super powers from black-eyed peas. Black-eyed peas look an awful lot like beans. Girl Twin was not looking forward to Hoppin’ John.

Who couldn’t use an entire year of prosperity? In spite of Girl Twin, we decided to try Hoppin’ John. It worked out anyway because Girl Twin attended a sleepover on New Years Eve and didn’t come home for two days. She missed the Hoppin’ John.

The rest of the family enjoyed the Hoppin’ John and waited for the prosperity to kick in.

Monday, January 4th, I received some bad news. A wheel bearing was worn out on my truck and would cost over $800 to repair it. While sharing the bad news with the family, I was informed the vacuum was broken and need to be replaced.

Girl Twin heard the news and calmly said, “So, how are those magic beans working for you?”

I’m thinking of force feeding her beans.

Our crazy lives!


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