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Happy Easter.

Happy Easter!

I hope you are finding your day restful and peaceful. Me? Not so much.

Your Daily Fiber is once again attending Yarn Fest this coming week. Yarn Fest means I have a bunch of work to do. I have found myself in the store on Easter Sunday, dyeing yarn that must be finished by Wednesday.

I am typing (with bright green hands) between the changing of colors. At least I don’t need to stop and pet Maggie.

Elaine had some good news this past week. She will be one of the featured artists at the Art Fair Jackson Hole. I think she entered the show so she would not have time to help me dye yarn for Yarn Fest. She tells me she needs to get a bunch more garments finished by the Art Fair. She is also the same person that decided I needed to get a bunch of yarn dyed for Yarn Fest. I hope you can see it is not fair and I am being overworked.

Anyway, I hope you aren’t being overworked and if you get a chance, come see the yarns I’ve dyed. Take some home.

Happy Easter!

Our crazy lives!


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