Spring is in the Air

Spring has finally arrived in Northern Colorado. You can tell spring is here because the temperature hit 65 degrees at the house this week. Of course, it is now the weekend and the temperatures are now in the twenties. We have not seen the sun in two days and there is two feet of snow on the ground. If this sounds like the kind of springtime that appeals to you, think about moving here. I will build you a house.

Springtime coincides with sleepovers. Well, not in everyone’s house, but they seem to be related in our house. Last week Boy Twin had a kid over and they started building a tree fort. The problem is they didn’t get it finished. Plans were made to sleepover every weekend until it was finished. And they were going to need more guys.

As much as I don’t like having sleepovers at my house, I might have agreed to their plan. I did tell the boys that it sounded like a good idea, but I didn’t pay attention to the EVERY weekend part.

I was watching Girl Twin’s softball game when I was approached by a young boy/man who asked me, “Could you meet my Mom?”

Me: I think I should meet you first. Kid: I am &*$% (biblical name) Me: Ah, Boy Twin’s friend. He has talked about how nice you are. Kid: Thank you, can you meet my Mom? Me: Sure, which one is your Mom? Kid: She is not here yet.

I need to shift gears here. Did I ever tell you I like biblical names? I chose two biblical names for our boy from our first batch of kids. I chose Peter and Luke. Peter was my grandfather’s name. Luke was name from my youth.

Elaine DECIDED that she was not going to have a child called Petey, (which my family would have done) and Luke was not a name she was interested in. I gave in, Elaine picked our son’s name. (I might still be a little bitter.)