I Had a Dream

I’m sure you’ve been asked the question on social media or in real life, “If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would you have lunch with?” I thought about all the people who I would love to spend an hour with once more.

I immediately started thinking about people that are no longer with us. I enjoy spending time with my circle of friends. While I might enjoy seeing people from my past, no one living would be my once in a lifetime pick. My choice would most likely fall into the no longer living category. Names like Abe Lincoln, George Patton, Tenzing Norgay come to mind. but those names quickly fall into the maybe next time list. The person I wish I could spend an hour with is my Mom.

I would let her pick the restaurant. I would reserve the right to veto her choice, of course. Mom was pretty adventurous when it came to food. Me? Not so much. If I could get her to cook some of the old German recipes, the lunch would be perfect.

I can only dream about what we would talk about.

Me: My life has been a roller coaster since you left. Mom: I know, I’ve been watching. Me: Some of the valleys are pretty low……. Mom: ……and some of the peaks are pretty high. Do you remember when Pastor Heidi told you, “God, doesn’t give you more than you can handle”? Me: I remember, But it would be nice if God could let someone else handle things for awhile. Mom: You’re doing all right. Besides, that’s why you have Elaine, to help you.

Mom: You’ve have a couple peaks with Elaine and Ivy. Me: We named Ivy after you. Mom: I knew that, I was here then. Don’t you remember? You never were my brightest child. Me: Funny. Mom: Ivy is an important piece in your world, you know you couldn’t do it without her. Me: I hope she knows that. Mom: Tell Her! Me: She wishes she knew you. Mom: I’ve been watching her. I couldn’t be prouder. Mom: You know your highest peak is Elaine. Me: I know that. Thank you. Mom: Her stuff is beautiful, just like I remember. Do you remember when I crocheted doilies? Me: Yes, it took Elaine to make me appreciate the work in them. Mom: She always was smarter than you. Me: Funny. Mom: I’m serious. You need to tell her she is what has held you together, I’ve been watching.