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The Store, Kansas and California

It is springtime in the store. It’s not spring here on the mountain. On the mountain it is 30 degrees and rain/drizzle/sleeting. I can’t see the house across the road for the fog. The calendar tells us that it is spring, so who are you going to believe.

Ivy received a bunch of new yarns this past week. I guess that’s a good thing for customers and even for Ivy, but for me not so much. I am going to have to build new displays.

I can’t recall how many times I have had my invitation to be in the store rescinded, but when something needs to be built carried or yarn dyed, I’m the first one Ivy and Elaine call.

Ivy/Elaine: Hey Monner, can you come in and put up some new shelves? Me: Don’t you think my beard is too long or I dress too poorly to be in the store? Ivy/Elaine: Well yes, but maybe you could come in after hours. We really need those shelves!

Anyway, when you get a chance go see the new stuff. There, I have fulfilled my yarn store blog obligation. I am a little curious as to why, every time I am involved in the store it involves me and physical work.

Do I get to go to the Wild West Knitting Retreat? NO! I get to stay home and feed the yak, llamas, chickens and twins. ”I’m sorry Monner, The retreat is filling up and we won’t have room for you. Besides, you don’t know how to do anything. Why don’t you just stay home and enjoy yourself?’

If I sound a little bitter, well, I am.

Speaking of the twins, they are both at sleepovers this weekend. The house is so quiet I can hear the refrigerator running. OK, I hate it. When they go off to college, I probably going to need to get another couple of kids. Don’t mention this to Elaine or I might need a new place to live also.

I don’t think these are normal sleep overs. Girl Twin is sleeping over in Kansas. Yep, she went to Kansas with another girl and her family for the weekend.

I’ve mentioned my generation didn’t go on many sleepovers, and we certainly never went to sleepovers in Kansas. I not very envious of Girl Twin. I have driven to Kansas, and I must say it takes a special person to drive 700 miles to have a sleepover.

Boy Twin is also at a sleepover. His sleepover is in California. Yep, I said California. Boy Twin and his friend’s family flew to California for the weekend. Would you like to guess how many times I did that as a child? Good guess! None, never, noway!

The twins are gone. It is cloudy and rainy. The house is eerie quiet. I need to build shelves. I hate spring.

Our crazy lives!


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