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Last Week of School/Memorial Day

I’m glad this past week is over. It was the twin’s last week of seventh grade. Of course, it wasn’t really the last week of seventh grade.

School was actually over the previous week. Last week was spent watching movies in class, signing yearbooks and things like that.

The teachers had already given up for the year. Elaine had a question of one of Girl Twin’s teachers. The teacher told Girl Twin, “I’m not calling your parents back, there is only two days left in the year.” Guess what! Teachers will call you back if you leave another message and ask them to forfeit their last two days of pay for the year.

I have never been able to tell home owner/customer, “Hey, your house will be finished in two days, why don’t you finish it yourself?” Do you see how my mind works?

Speaking of home owners, we received the 900 centimeter kitchen hood and installed it without a glitch. The house is finished and waiting for the VA to close on the loan. My employer allowed the home owners to move into the house without actually closing on the loan. I’ve never seen him do that before. I guess we all have a special place in our hearts for veterans.

Speaking of veterans, this is Memorial Day weekend. Take some time to thank the men and women that gave everything for me to be allowed to write this crap.

I don’t like Memorial Day weekend, too many memories. I’m going to stop writing today and let you guys enjoy your weekend.

God Bless you guys.

Miss you Alex!

Our crazy lives!


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