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Working in the Store and Milestones

I’m writing early this week. I just going to be too busy tomorrow. Come to think of it I’m busy today, but some things you just need to stop and take care of.

I’m working in the store today. It’s the ‘something’ Annual Hot August Knits. I don’t know how many Hot August Knits there have been (and I don’t really care), but I can remember a bunch of them. We can talk about remembering in a couple minutes.

Ivy has been working a bunch of hours in the store and asked to take some time off. She asked me to help Elaine in the store. Did you hear that? She asked me to help. I’ve kinda been in the store anyway. I’ve been dyeing the Hot August Knitting bags. I guess the some of the stores decided the knitting bags should to be white this year. Well, that doesn’t work in my world, so I started dyeing the bags. I’ve been dyeing knitting bags for the last couple weeks wondering why I just can’t leave things alone.

So, how tired do you think Ivy is, that she asked me to working the store? Let’s think about it, Ivy asked me to work in the store. The bucket list is complete!

Ok, that’s enough about yarn, the store and Ivy!

I had to stop writing yesterday, the store was too busy. I was dyeing bags, waiting on customers (telling them I would ask Elaine), running the cash register (telling Elaine, this thing isn’t working and she needed to come fix it) and helping people that returned yarn that was Oakland Raider colors and needed to be traded for Denver Broncos colors. (I counted twelve skeins, twice.)

OK, you may not think that’s a big deal. BUT, I had to first count the Oakland Raider yarn and then count the Denver Bronco yarn. Then I had to say, “I’m happy if you’re happy.” The lady asked if I needed to do something to keep Ivy’s inventory straight and I said “Nope!’ (I hope I was right. Oh well, if Ivy didn’t want me making decisions, she shouldn’t leave me alone. I’ve always been a “If you are not going to lead or follow, get out of the way” kind of guy.)

That’s enough talking about the yarn crawl.

I had to stop writing and get ready for dinner.

I had a birthday last week. A milestone birthday. It was the kind of birthday that you and your spouse fly to Maine and eat lobster. I had to work the next day, so we DROVE to Main Street and had shrimp at the Scarlett Lobster.

Birthdays have not always been good for me. When you’re young and have an August birthday, it is always a reminder that the summer is almost over and school starts soon. If your birthday is in October, you are already in school, so you have no need to dread your birthday.

Just to make sure I remembered school was starting soon, my Mom would alway give me socks and underwear for my birthday. Enough socks and underwear to last the school year. I always received something cool, but I always there was always a pack of white briefs and a pack of white athletic socks to make the birthday complete.

I probably should mention birthdays always meant a store bought cake. Mom baked a lot of cakes when I was a kid, but not on birthdays. Birthdays were for going to the bakery and picking out a cake.

OK, now we can talk about remembering. I can’t remember every (milestone number) birthdays, but I’ve had some good ones. Have you ever noticed you can’t wait to have some birthdays, like your 16th, so you can drive. Your 21st, so you can drink. Your 35th, so you can be President. Then for a while you don’t like milestone birthdays. After a while you want milestone birthdays again because it means you are still having birthdays. Wow, this is getting deep. I’m changing topics.

I did get together with a group of friends and laughed about the “old” days. It’s funny, three days ago, I was in high school and now I look like my grandfather. Chris Ledoux said it best. “It’s not the years that make me look this way, it’s the miles.”

Our crazy lives!


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