Elaine’s Loom and the Case of the Missing Wallet

Elaine bought a new eight harness weaving loom last month to use at the house. I would mention the brand of loom, but these stories are not to promote loom companies. ALTHOUGH, if you want to know what kind of loom it is, you can inquire at YOUR DAILY FIBER. Ask for Elaine or Ivy. You could ask for Monner but Ivy will probably say, “Why would you need to talk to him? Do you need him to carry something to your car?”

Back to the loom. Elaine bought the loom and had it delivered to the store. Elaine tells me it was delivered to the store because the store receives free shipping. Did I mention, this is a BIG loom? In fact, too big! Before we could get the loom home we needed first to bring the loom we/she already has in our house to the store to be used for lessons.

It seems the more weaving lessons the store has, the bigger the looms gets in my house. I wouldn’t complain if we could get something like, oh, I don’t know, maybe a recliner. More lessons equal bigger recliner. No one, other than me sees the logic in that.

Anyway, last week I was told I had procrastinated enough that I had to bring the old loom to town and get the new loom home. The old loom folds up and can fit in Elaine’s SUV. That was no big deal.

The new loom, however, does not fold up. Being the construction worker that I am I measured the new loom before I loaded it on the truck. MY heart stopped for a second. I had a terrible feeling our house did not have a door big enough to get the loom in our house. I told you it is a BIG loom.

I asked Elaine if she considered the size of the loom when she ordered the loom? I might have used a little construction language, but none of that would be relevant to the story.