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Yarn’s Dyed

The Halloween yarn has been dyed and is in the store. Go look at the stuff Ivy named “Brains”. I don’t know if it has anything to do with brains, but it is pretty cool. I pretty sure my “brains” aren’t really pinks and GREEN, but I can’t speak for Ivy.

I’m glad this dye session is over. Now I can concentrate on construction in the mall and finishing another house as well as planning dyeing the next holiday yarn

November 2nd is National Devil’s Egg Day. I’m thinking I could dye some white and yellow stripes with maybe some red dots for one of my favorite holidays.

Oh yeah, I mentioned construction. I’ve been working on a new massage spa in the main mall building with an accelerated schedule and a house that the new homeowners are taking their time adding features as they go.

If that sounds frustrating to you, it is. Imagine the stress of maintaining those schedules. I barely have time to dye the yarn, let alone argue with Ivy about which stripe is pink and which stripe is green.

Ivy and I were discussing the striping of HER “Mummy” yarn.

Ivy: How you want the stripes to look? Me: Why don’t you just get creative, I’ll mix the colors and you determine the striping.

The next day,

Me: Why are these striped like this? Ivy: I’m starting to hate you. You told me to be creative. Me: Yes, but I didn’t know you weren’t going to stripe them like I would have. Ivy: Do you understand why you are not welcome in the store?

Ivy let me stay in the store long enough to dye some “Dracula” and “Pumpkin” themed yarn before she asked me to leave. Ivy has all the yarn in a Halloween display in the store. She lets me fill the candy bowl in the display, but I can’t move anything in the display.

Ivy and Elaine have been working on scheduling next year’s Wild West Knitting Retreat. If you noticed

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