Yarn’s Dyed

The Halloween yarn has been dyed and is in the store. Go look at the stuff Ivy named “Brains”. I don’t know if it has anything to do with brains, but it is pretty cool. I pretty sure my “brains” aren’t really pinks and GREEN, but I can’t speak for Ivy.

I’m glad this dye session is over. Now I can concentrate on construction in the mall and finishing another house as well as planning dyeing the next holiday yarn

November 2nd is National Devil’s Egg Day. I’m thinking I could dye some white and yellow stripes with maybe some red dots for one of my favorite holidays.

Oh yeah, I mentioned construction. I’ve been working on a new massage spa in the main mall building with an accelerated schedule and a house that the new homeowners are taking their time adding features as they go.

If that sounds frustrating to you, it is. Imagine the stress of maintaining those schedules. I barely have time to dye the yarn, let alone argue with Ivy about which stripe is pink and which stripe is green.

Ivy and I were discussing the striping of HER “Mummy” yarn.

Ivy: How you want the stripes to look? Me: Why don’t you just get creative, I’ll mix the colors and you determine the striping.

The next day,