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Write about the Store

Ivy mentioned to me that I should write more about the store. I find that kind of funny, not funny, funny, but weird funny. How am I going to write about something if I am not invited to go in?

Ivy is taking some time off next week and going on some kind of long weekend/vacation thing with some friends. Ivy will not be in the store next weekend. Guess who they asked to watch the store while she is gone. Nope, its not me. Elaine will be in the store next weekend.

I would have the perfect chance to observe the happenings of the store and write stories about them but once again, I am not involved.

Actually, Elaine will be in the store anyway teaching weaving class. I guess it makes sense to let Elaine run the store. I’ll be working on the massage parlor anyway.

The massage parlor was supposed to be open this past week. We didn’t make the deadline and we won’t make it this week either. If you are waiting for a massage, be patient. Try to get one at home.

As you look around, you will see a tremendous amount construction going on. Truthfully, there are simply not enough workers in the area to complete all the projects.

I usually wake up at about 2:00 AM and wonder if I’m going to have eno

ugh workers the next day to make any progress. Maggie (my Great Pyrenees alarm clock) will wake up on the floor next to me and grumble, ”What the (dog construction language) are you getting up for? The chickens aren’t even up yet.”

I turn the TV on, eventually Elaine will wake up and ask, “Can’t sleep?” At 2:00 in the morning, I’m usually not very talkative. I’ll tell Elaine. “Yeah, I’m pretty tired, but I need to see the end of I Love Lucy.” ”OK, (construction language) hole! I’m just concerned about you.”

Me: I know, try to find some electricians, painters and tile layers and I’ll be fine. Elaine: I feel sorry for you. Me: Thanks, I know you do. Maggie: Would you two shut up, I’m trying to sleep. Oh crap, now I have to go out and pee!

I actually had the guy installing the windows call me one morning and say, “I’ll be there in a couple hours……..unless something happens.” I didn’t see him for two days. When the windows are not installed the painters can’t work. When painters can’t work, I start thinking about working in a yarn store.

Ah heck, I’m just whining. Ivy won’t let me work in the store whether the painters work or not. There, Ivy, I wrote about the store….sort of.

Our crazy lives!


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