Shopping Day and Detention

Imagine my surprise when Ivy and Elaine asked me to work in the store last week. Together they walked right up to me and said. “We’re going to need you to work in the store Friday.” My mind was racing.

Something big had to be happening Friday, Ivy must have needed help with a knitting problem or something, It wasn’t long and I got hit with a heavy dose of reality. I remembered I don’t even knit. I asked what I would be doing.

Elaine: Ivy and I will be taking our annual Christmas shopping day. You will be in the store by yourself.

Me: That sound like fun, why can’t I go with you? Elaine: Well, first of all, you are not invited, and we didn’t look for anyone to work the store because we knew you could do it. Me: You’ve never trusted me before. Elaine: We don’t trust you now. Just help with checking out the customers. If people need REAL help, tell them to come back when Ivy or I are back in the store.

It was that conversation that caused me to realize I wasn’t really asked to work in the store. I guess it worked out. I talked to a few of our favorite customers, kept up with world happenings on the internet, talked to the landlord, and I didn’t make any mistakes giving change. I told a couple customers, “Nope, I can’t help with that. you are going to need to come back when Ivy is here.”

I met a nice young couple who came in the store looking for “local yarn”. I dazzled them with my ability to point to the “LOCAL YARN’ sign on the wall. We spent the next few minutes explaining how we obtain “local yarns” and how some of our yarns come from animals that Elaine and I own.

The young woman told me she had hoped to teach her toddler to knit and eventually teach herself to spin he own yarn. I showed her the photo on the wall of the Ivy, the twins and Elaine spinning at the Taos Wool Market. (Hey, I just realized I was left out of that one also. Hmmm.)