Celebration of Life

I feel I should say a couple things about my friend Gary’s “celebration of life”. If you were a teenager living in this town during in the ’70 there is an awfully good chance you knew Gary and/or his siblings. Gary’s “celebration” was well attended. It seemed that every former teenager, now gray haired kid from the neighborhood made it to the celebration.

I saw and talked to “friends” I haven’t seen in thirty years. We talked about the “glory days”. Elaine had the best conversation of all with an old high school friend we (Elaine and I) see a couple times a year.

The conversation went like this:

Friend: Did you get a chance to talk to K&%^*? He’s over there. Elaine: Yes, I spoke with him. I haven’t talked to him in twenty years. He’s sounds like he’s doing well. Friend: I hope I don’t have to talk to him for the next twenty years. He is more obnoxious than he was in high school. What a jerk!

Anyway, Gary, thanks for bringing us all back together. You will be missed.

I’ve started dyeing yarn for the Interweave Yarn Fest. Ivy has decided that I will concentrate on self-striping sock yarn. She obviously doesn’t care that self striping yarn is the hardest yarn for me to dye.

That aside, it has been extremely difficult picking colors this year. I dyed a skein of gold, brown and white yarn and showed it to Elaine.

Me: Look at this yarn! Elaine: Ewww! Me: I didn’t expect that. Ivy: I think it is beautiful. Me: I do too. Elaine: I think its gross.

Does anyone want my job?