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Celebration of Life

I feel I should say a couple things about my friend Gary’s “celebration of life”. If you were a teenager living in this town during in the ’70 there is an awfully good chance you knew Gary and/or his siblings. Gary’s “celebration” was well attended. It seemed that every former teenager, now gray haired kid from the neighborhood made it to the celebration.

I saw and talked to “friends” I haven’t seen in thirty years. We talked about the “glory days”. Elaine had the best conversation of all with an old high school friend we (Elaine and I) see a couple times a year.

The conversation went like this:

Friend: Did you get a chance to talk to K&%^*? He’s over there. Elaine: Yes, I spoke with him. I haven’t talked to him in twenty years. He’s sounds like he’s doing well. Friend: I hope I don’t have to talk to him for the next twenty years. He is more obnoxious than he was in high school. What a jerk!

Anyway, Gary, thanks for bringing us all back together. You will be missed.

I’ve started dyeing yarn for the Interweave Yarn Fest. Ivy has decided that I will concentrate on self-striping sock yarn. She obviously doesn’t care that self striping yarn is the hardest yarn for me to dye.

That aside, it has been extremely difficult picking colors this year. I dyed a skein of gold, brown and white yarn and showed it to Elaine.

Me: Look at this yarn! Elaine: Ewww! Me: I didn’t expect that. Ivy: I think it is beautiful. Me: I do too. Elaine: I think its gross.

Does anyone want my job?

Ivy received another new line of yarn this past week. The good news I didn’t need to move any furniture or build anything. When I saw the box arrive I stopped dyeing and went to play construction. Later, when I went back to Your Daily Fiber, the box was gone and Ivy had new yarn hanging somewhere in the store. Come into the store and Ivy can show you where she put it.

And one more thing, Acrylic yarn should never be placed in the microwave.

Our crazy lives!


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