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good it is only once a year.

Not only did we have 22 relatives over last night, Elaine and Ivy decided to duplicate the Thanksgiving dinner on Christmas day. Ivy prepared a detailed list for shopping that involved stopping at two stores. We checked everything off the list. Almost everything.

When you live 36 miles to the closest major supermarket, you try not to forget anything. I wish we would have put pasta on the list. We needed it for one of the new recipes we were trying for Christmas Eve.

Oh well, we can get one of the brothers to stop at the store and pick some up on the way to the house.

After every relative would have past the last supermarket, we discover we are out of cumin. Now I know we purchased cumin, as it was marked off on Ivy’s list. Somewhere between the Wally World parking lot and our driveway the cumin disappeared. We need to borrow from a neighbor. (1/2 mile away)

Christmas morning we get a phone call from the same neighbor. They need to borrow corn meal. We have corn meal and she is on her way.

Neighbor: This corn meal is for my husband. He is making some bread his mother made every Christmas. It tastes like crap. He can’t even get his kids to eat it.

Me: Do you want to take your cumin with you?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

An hour later we discover we haven’t any aluminum foil to cover the turkey.

Elaine: Hey, can we borrow a sheet of aluminum foil.

Neighbor: Yeah, I’ll trade you for two eggs.

The twins were up at 6:00. We’ve always had a rule in our house that Christmas cannot start until 7:00 and the coffee is made.

Boy Twin was really in a good mood.

Boy Twin: Do you remember that Christmas when I was smiling so hard my cheeks covered my eyes?

Me: No, I don’t remember that, maybe you better ask Grandma.

35 Christmas’ together and I still get a kick throwing her under the bus.

Elaine received a DVD of the complete set of Pride and Prejudice. She has two complete sets on VCR. Elaine and Ivy, set out to watch it, AGAIN!

Ivy: Monner, do you want to do something with Mom and me?

Me: Like what?

Ivy: Mom and I think it would be fun to watch Pride and Prejudice.

Me: Honey, I would rather get my leg amputated than watch that again.

Ok, we all know what Christmas is about. Share the love. I hope you got to spend some time with someone you love. God Bless. Merry Christmas.

Our crazy lives!


PS Somehow Ivy had the foresight to know my brother wasn't bringing shrimp. She had picked up some shrimp at the supermarket. I love that kid! Merry Christmas everyone!

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